Fear A Fiction Of The Mind

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Do you ever wonder If Fear is Real or Fiction?

Today I am here to declare that indeed you are the creator of your own life. Because you create your own thoughts, you create your own happiness and you create your fear. Because you think, you create your words, you create your actions, you create your habits, you create your results, and you create your own destiny. The only thing is that you have lost the key to your own mind. You let survival program your mind and run the show. You let your parents, your peers and your past program your mind. You lost the freedom to your own mind. That is why I ask whose mind it is? If it is yours, then why are you suffering? If it is yours, then why are you not joyful? If it is yours, why do allow fear to steal the freedom of expression?Go ahead and start that business you want to start. Go ahead and study what you really want to study. Go ahead and become a musician, poet, artist, fashion designer or whatever else you want to do. Sure you might fail, but you might succeed too. Take the risk today and conquer your fears. Do you want to look back years from now and think I could have, I might have, and I should have. That is a sad way to live your life. You do not want to reach end of your life only to regret that you had tried to fulfill your dreams. You do not want to regret on the death bed that you had been not able to take action to fulfill your own commitment and contributions. When you read the book FEAR- A FICTION OF THE MIND you will be surprised how many possibilities will open for you. When you become aware of fear simply an emotion for survival, you can create a life of choice and free from the bondage of fear!. You need to take the first step, thats it.Move forward; learn that fear is a fiction of the mind. I know that you want the feeling of certainty before you take action. I got news for you; there is no real certainty in life. You have to perceive life from a higher perspective and let your love for yourself, and what you want from your life to be the leading force in your life journey. This book is written to share insight that can help you to defeat fear. I want to invite you on a journey to rediscover yourself and to learn how to convert fear into fuel for success.[…]
Do you ever wonder If ‘Fear’ is ‘Real’ or ‘Fiction’? |

Fear A Fiction Of The Mind Paradox The Secret To An Empowered Life Sam S. Nath Paradox

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