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I picked this for a few reasons, I could see it worked for my co-works who had started it a few months before and they loved it. Also, I like structure, I like knowing when and what I am eating. Taking the guess work out of it makes it so easy to follow.Having someone on the other end (Peter your the best!) following your every step, making sure you take your measurements and photos helps so much, you are being tracked and can physically see the deference in your body. It crazy!There are so many benefits to this program, I found I had so much more energy, I could breath better and one thing I didn’t realize was that I slept better. I will, without a doubt continue the program and see where it takes me and would recommend it to anyone who needs to take 10 pounds or a 100 pounds off. The hardest part is starting something different, but worth so, so much.[…]
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