Finally! Discover How To Build A Towering Network Marketing Team!

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How To Recruit Like A Machine!

Stop! If you’re looking to take things to the next level….read every word on this page. How To Generate And Endless Stream Of Leads With Prospects For More Information About Your Products And Your Opportunity… Discover What 97% Of Network Marketers Will Never Know About Creating Massive Residual Income… You’re Moments Away From Accessing The Same Information That Built A Business Of Over 1300 Associates In Under 10 Months… Generate As Many Targeted Leads Per Day As You Want. Get bombarded with laser beam targeted traffic to your website. Easility Weed Out The Tire Kickers So You’re Only Working With The Right Prospects. Discover How To Create A Proven System That Continues To Create Piles Of Cash For You 24/7 – Regardless Of What You’re Doing! Find Out How SIMPLE It Really Is To Create Your First 6-Figure MONTH In Network Marketing. Learn How To Put Much Of Your Business On AUTOPILOT So You Can Truly Enjoy Your Time And Financial Freedom! What would you do if you could literally flip a switch and add new distributors anytime you wanted to? What if you knew exactly how to do it, what to do and the mechanical process to make it happen? Today, right now, you’re going to learn how the top 2% of income earners in network marketing REALLY make it happen… If you’re adding less than 15 people per month into your business, this revealing, down and dirty, in the trenches letter will change your life. Why is the failure rate in network marketing a staggering 95%? Is it because everyone is just flat out lazy or not willing to do anything to grow their business? With statistics like that, its highly unlikely that many people are just flat out lazy. The reason these statistics exist is because people dont know true marketing techniques and principals to grow a business. Im not talking about a business that does 5 or 6 thousand a monthI mean something thats generating a million bucks (or more) every single year. Im here to tell you its a simple process. You just need to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it! My name is Terry Duff. My partner is Gino Niccoli and for 3 dozen years, we’ve been “in the trenches” quietly and quickly creating some massive busineses. Before we share some successes… From Nearly Homeless To $14,000,000.00 In Just 3 Short Years It wasn’t very long ago when we were FLAT BROKE. Literally, we couldn’t come up with $100 if I had to. We had made a few poor business choices and everything came out from underneath us. Everything. Cell phones were blowing up from unpaid creditors (and unhappy too), truck payments not being met…behind on mortgages. You name it… We can still recall digging under the seats of my truck just to grab a bit to eat. Our back was against the wall. We know and understand how frustrated you are. We’ve been exactly where youre at now (and we were probably in much worse shape). The Good Part. $14,000,000.00 In Less Than 36 Months With our backs against the wall we knew we had to do something. Something drastic and swiftly. If there was one thing we knew and knew without doubt, it was our ability to grow huge businesses from scratch. Nothing. Weve grown countless organizations from scratch and knew we had to do it again. Quickly. We devised a simple rock solid plan. Selling information, we helped more than 4,000 others find exactly what they were looking for. The amazing part is that we did this from our homes65 miles a part! We never had to leave the house. Yeah, we hooked up for lunch on occasion, but we grew a million dollar business right from our homes! Isnt that what a home based business is all about? Why Does This Matter To You? It does and in a very big way. Throughout our trials and tribulations weve discovered countless things that work and many that dont work when it comes to growing a colossal size home based business. Were about to unleash over 35 years of marketing experience and know howthat can literally have your business growing and Uncle Luis can share his next greatest deal with you. Before we talk about what works lets chat about things that youve been taught that have proven themselves over and over again to NOT WORK These 8 Common Business Building Myths Flat Out Do Not Work 1. Building a list of your friends and family. You knowyour warm market. Companies love teaching you this. Why? If they have 100,000 associates and everyone builds a list the company is growing! What did this do for your business? OKmaybe you added one or 2 associates and got yourself a whopping check for $3.84. This method, mathematically speaking, is terribly inefficient. 2. Passing out business cards, brochures, audios and DVDs. Does this technique sound familiar? Companies love it! They make money all over the place. Every time you purchase one of their promotional products theyre making money and guess whatwhen the one in 100 cds that you handed out turns into a new associate their business just grew. Again, for them its about numbers. If they have a huge associate base even if the conversion rate is only 1% theyre still growing and better yet, theyre making money off you every single time you run out of promotional items and have to purchase more. Not a bad situation for them now is it? 3. 3-way calling. This has got to be one of the most counter productive methods to grow a business that exists. One of the biggest things thats critical in growing a business is that you need to be the expert. Not your upline or the triple platinum thats 3 levels above you. YOU need to be an expert. Why would you let someone else fill that role for you? 4. Hotel meetings and driving all over town. Doesnt this defeat the purpose of having a home based business? I cant tell you how many people that we consult with that are constantly driving all over town picking up meal tabs for this prospect thats about to come a new associate. Uh huh. If we had a dime for every time we heard Im gonna bring this one in during lunch wed be rolling in deep, thick piles of cash. 5. The Product sales itself! I love this one. If the product truly sold itself why would the company need you? Do you think they would have resorted to network marketing as a business model and form of distribution to get their products in the hands of the masses? Fat chance. They would have opened up retail stores all over the country. They wouldnt have a need for you. Ill be blunt. Products dont sell themselves. They need advertising and promotion. Look at every commercial on T.V.; radio, newspaper ads, etc are those products selling themselves. If so, whyd they spend big bucks to purchase airtime or ad space? Big myth. Please, for the sake of your wallet, dont fall into this trap. Products dont sell themselves. Companies know this, but it sounds so good when they make those types of statements that they cant refrain from telling us things like that. 6. The ol 3 who get 3 who get 3 and youre filthy rich. Im sure youve heard of this one. All you have to do is get 3 and then help those 3 get three and get those people 3 and POOFyour checking account explodes and youre making a nice tidy 6 figure annual income. This one almost makes me chuckle out loud. This mythical, completely unrealistic way of growing a business flat out, does not work. 7. All you have to do is put up a website, share it with your neighbors (or put it on your business card) and youre well on your way to a nice, sizeable income. This couldnt be further from the truth. If youve done any type of marketing youve quickly realized that this isnt the way to get the job done. Not even close. There truly is an art and science to how the site should be constructed, what to have on it and getting targeted visitors to your site that truly have a need and desire for what youre marketing. Just having a website means absolutely nothing. Its a tool that must be used properly and the vast majority of marketers have not been skilled on how to use the tool correctly. 8. Holding home parties will make you rich! How many leaders do you know that are making in excess of a quarter million a year that are holding house parties? This is a technique that can and does work if youre looking to grow your business at a snails pace and youre on the 40-year game plan to start making the big bucks. If youre on a different plan, you need a faster and much more efficient way of making this happen. Home parties just wont cut it. There are other ways of making it happen that is a whole lot easier and you dont have to have strangers in your home every week either! Look, were not bashing on companies or even the techniques that they teach and promote. Theyre a business. They have to survive. If they dont you (and everyone else) doesnt get a check because they were forced to go out of business. They have to put the numbers in their favor. Companies know that only a very small percentage of associates are going to grow a huge business. Most associates have no clue on how to build an enterprise so they are forced to teach techniques that are very easy and simple for everyone to grasp and understand. Do they work? Absolutely, but statistically speaking, not for the vast majority. Honestly, what happens when your warm market runs out? What happens if you go to do a 3-way call and your upline doesnt answer? You may use these techniques and enroll 10 or even 20 people into your business, but it also might take a year or two to make that happen. If youre like most reading this youre on a different timeline. Youd rather be doing that in a week. It is possibleyoure leaders and true marketers do that every single daysometimes every single hour! Now That Weve Discussed A Few Techniques That Dont Work, Lets Talk About What Does Work When youre looking to grow a home based business and one to heights youve only dreamed about, there are 5 elements that must be incorporated into your regiment. Growing a business has absolutely nothing to do with the 8 techniques weve discussed earlier. Save those marketing practices for those that are content with getting a check for less than $100 bucks a month. You need a better way. A quicker way. Something that can provide you with results within 48 hours. 1. To effectively position yourself you must become the expert. Now, I dont just mean that you need to study your products and comp plan, but you also have to be an expert in understanding your audience. What are their needs, wants and desires? What will motivate them to get involved with your business? What solutions (for their problems) can you provide for them? Who is your target audience? If youre marketing health and wellness, why would you be pitching a 22-year-old college student? Even if he/she did sign up, theyll be dropping in a few short months because they never had an attachment to the product. Look at the biggest business builders in your company. Theyre emotionally attached to the product. They used it and saw results. Thats how it should be! Be conscious of who your ideal target market happens to be. This will provide you with a better understanding of how you can best get exposed to them. 2. Use techniques that will enable you to get exposure of your products and services to the masses! Why is it that conference lines for sales calls have really just taken off over the past couple of years? Weve used them for 10 years. They should be a requirement for any business owner. Theyre cheap. And more importantly, when used correctly, you can get yourself in front of a lot of people that truly have a want, need and desire for what you possess. 3. Phone mastery. If youre looking to grow a business to heights you cant even imagine the phone must be your friend. One of your best friends. Can you imagine speaking with prospects that have already displayed a want and desire for your products every single day? This is a crucial element thats required for success. When you have prospects that WANT to speak with you and have already displayed an interest in what you have, growing a business becomes childs play. How many people per day do you think would join you in business if you were just speaking with 10 prospects a day that needed or desired something you have? Lets assume only 2 of those people. Thats 10 new associates per week into your business! Now, its starting to come together and we havent even shared the 2 goodies with you yet. 4. Internet mastery. The Internet is an explosive tool. Its absolutely incredible, but just like any other tool you have in your garage, one must know how to properly use it. Having a website just isnt enough. You need to know what to have on it, where to put what and how to tap into the mind of your prospect. Furthermore, one must know how to get targeted visitors to the website that already want and need what you have. Once this is mastered, this tool becomes so powerful words cant depict. The Internet is one of the main components that have allowed us to generate millions and millions of dollars in a very short time span. 5. Mastery of the written word. How would you like to enroll associates into your business without ever speaking with them? What if you could write a sales letter from top to bottom that put people into your business whether you were sleeping or golfing? Would that have a dramatic impact on your business? Absolutely. This is such an explosive tool that weve learned to master over the years its actually frightening. There are some companies where all they do is send sales letters pitching various products that generate hundreds of millions of dollars every single year. What would it be like to log into your administration area in the morning to see that your business grew by 7 people while you were sleeping? By mastering the written word and using copy to create salivating messages you too can grow a million dollar business inside of 12 months. Have you ever thought about something like this? You get up in the morning, have a relaxing breakfast, sip on a nice cup of coffee and turn on some old Simpsons reruns. You realize a few minutes into the program that its not a rerun so you decide to watch the entire thing. About 20 minutes into the program you really start to think that maybe you should just take the day offneah, on second thought, you need a 12-day weekend. A sort of mini-vacation. A commercial comes on and you pick up the phone and call up your travel agent. Melissa tells you that the next plane is departing for France in 3 hours and 18 minutes. You have a love for some of the worlds most breathtaking viewsit has been about 7 months since youve seen these beautiful scenes and youre itching to get back for a few days and relive the experience. You call your wife, who is having a late breakfast with her girlfriends and tell her that youve got a little surprise for her and she needs to get home so you can share the news. She walks through the door to see 4 full-size suitcases there and says Honey, where are you going? You respond by simply stating Were taking a little vacation, pack a few essentials and lets get rolling She has no idea where youre taking her, but youve done these little surprises several times over the years so she doesnt ask a lot of questions. On the way out you have to do a few quick errands and swing by you mail box at the end of your driveway that leads to your estate. You open your mailbox, find a few normal items sitting thereone of them happens to be a check from your primary business. You hand it to your wifethis gives her a sense of involvement with your business. Shes not surprised or disappointeda typical check of $42,823.82 (theyre never exactly the same, but normally within one or two thousand dollars). She puts it in her purse (where last months check still sits because youve been too lazy to stop by the bank). You sit back for a moment and just think about your lifecruises, constant traveling, a beautiful home and 2 vacation homes up in the mountains that you visit when you have the time and more toys than one would find at 15-20 homes combined. You realize that this is living and youre loving every moment of ityou sit back and ponder how good things are and realize the obviousmoney isnt everything, but it sure makes things a bit easier. THIS IS WHAT OWNING A HOME BASED BUSINESS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ALL ABOUT!!! Isnt that why you got involved in the first place? To live the good life, spend time with your friends and familynot have to commute an hour and a half in traffic to and from work? It doesnt have to be the way it is for the 96% of network marketers that are failing and failing miserably. Growing a colossal size home based business is simple, but we MUST become marketers and use true, sound marketing techniques and savvy to make it happen. We need to know what to do and a step-by-step procedure of how to get it done. A step-by-step play manual of how to make it happen. A roadmap. Alright guyshow do I know youre for real? Why should I believe you? Ive seen and heard it all before. Good questions and were sure you have seen it all before. Honestly, you havent seen this. You need to make sure youre working with reputable people who can back up everything theyve told you. The following should earn just a bit of your trust. Were not tooting our horn, but it is important you know who youre working with. Here are just a few of our accomplishments and why you should pay attention to us: 1. We have been on national television exposing the truth about how to grow a home-based business. We were in front of tens of millions people because of our expertise and ability to grow huge businesses. 2. Weve been in the press countless times sharing tips, secrets and techniques to grow a home based business. 3. Weve been on radio stations because of our expertise. 4. Weve grown a multi million dollar business thats generated over $14,000,000.00 in less than 36 months using our time tested and proven business building techniques. 5. Weve trained more than 10,000 home-based business owners on how to grow a huge enterprise. 6. Were currently training students from all over the world we have students (at last count) in more than 27 countries. 7. Weve created more than 83 successful marketing campaigns from top to bottom for countless products and services being promoted. 8. We are the only home based business in the world (to the best of our knowledge) that teaches the 3 most critical business building techniques: These are just a few of our accomplishments. This list could go on and on. That would be overkill. Again, our objective is not to boast or brag, but to give you a better idea of things weve done so you know, without doubt, that youre working with marketers who walk the walk For The First Time Ever Were Actually Making Our Training Available To The General Public You read that correctly. For the first time ever, were pulling back the curtain and sharing some of our most lucrative, highly sought after and underground information. Were allowing others to get their hands around cds that were recorded from some of our most powerful and explosive live training calls. These calls are absolutely jam packed with jar dropping information. To Grow A Huge Business You Need A Blueprint! Yes, this is only part of the equation, but there are a couple of principles that you need to know without doubt… 1. You must have a roadmap – you need to know what to do, when to do it and how to make it happen. 2. You need to speak with prospects that have ALREADY displayed an interest in speaking with YOU. They key to growing any home based business lies in knowledge. Most people, 96% of network marketers, have no clue on what to do and how to get it done! These numbers are absolutely mind-boggling. Most people are just taught to get out there and make their list, bug their friends and family, drive all over town and all these goofy other things that just dont make sense. If youre tired and absolutely disgusted with the pace that your business is growing a change needs to take place. Something that youre not currently doing. A CHANGE. You need to become a marketer. Someone who masters the art and science of getting your products to the masses who has prospects approaching youinstead of the other way around. You’re About To Learn The 3 Most Exposive Marketing Tools Known To Man: The Phone The Written Word The Internet Heres what you can expect in this life changing information, “How To Become A Recruiting Machine”: Youll learn how to literally master the phone and the art and science of prospecting. What to say, how to say it and when to say it. This is the quickest and most economical way to get super charge your business and begin putting dollars in your pocket. Revealed, for the first time, the truth about why your prospects say no and how to hypnotically reprogram their response. A mechanical, 6 step system, that will have you closing prospects and putting people into your business faster than Grandpa can say Once upon a time The secrets to copywriting mastery. This information is the same stuff weve shared with others that have led to the creation of millions of dollars! Learn the mind blowing truth that NOT ONE of your prospects really needs to think about it, talk with their spouse or anything else before making a buying decision. 2 simple things that will literally have your prospects eating right from your hands. Unravel the secrets of the 11 most powerful closing techniques known to man and how the masters use these gems to look like they were ‘born to sell’. A script that we have used to generate nearly $7,000,000.00 that can be easily modified and adapted to market any product on the face of the planet. Find out why selling is FOR SUCKERS and why the people at the top never have to do any of the things you’re told to do at the bottom! Discover our top 3 headline styles that will literally put your prospects into a trance when using the written word – the best part is that you’ll be creating leads of prospects that WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU without EVER speaking with them! How to use the written word to literally take your business to the next level – we’re sharing the same techniques we use daily so you too can get out there and grow your business at blazing speeds. Our most coveted list of ‘Power Words’. If you’re looking to put your prospects in a trance so they’ll do anything you want, YOU NEED THIS LIST! A bullet proof and super simple 5 part system that will show you how to use the Internet and generate more leads than you’ll know what to do with (no, you won’t find this system in ANY book – ANYWHERE!). Discover 3 copywriting myths. Why its critical to avoid falling into those traps If you do fall into them your business is practically guaranteed to fail. 8 Pivotal rules that must be followed when youre writing headlines. Just following these rules alone will put your prospects into stumbling stupor 2 shocking copywriting myths that will blow you away – falling into either of these traps can literally suck cash out of your wallet lickety split and how you can use this to your advantage to make sure that never happens to you. The 3 most important variables you need to be aware of if you’re using the Internet to generate leads – you need to have a very clear understanding of these items. 5 critical elements to successfully writing a simple data capture site online to generate leads by the droves – you’ll have more prospects askign you for information about your business than you’ll know how to handle (a good problem to have). More than 7 bonus headline styles that can be applied directly into your business – igniting your business to the next level! ‘S – B – M’ What it stands for and why your business should be implementing this crazy simple technique TODAY to grow your business at a pace you’ve only been dreaming about. The single mistake that can be holding you back right now from big success. The ONLY successful type of website to build a list of prospects that want what you have! How to drive a flood of traffic using Google Adwords…without paying through the nose. One TOP GUN form of traffic that hardly no one is using…and it’s HUGELY effective! This information is absolutely jam-packed plum full of information. More than 10 hours of practical, usable information that you can begin implementing immediately! You will have immediate access to this jaw dropping information too! Heres what a few others recently had to say There is no bigger fan than me. After being around many training programs and many different networking/retail programs I totally see the big picture of what you guys are providing and it is unequalled anywhere It has brought me from a depressed state of not even hardly being able to get out of bed 5 months ago to someone who is now on a surefire path to success. You guys are more than Angels, you are truly Saints! my business has earned right at $58,342. My wife is now happy with cash in the bank, and 2 primary businesses that we get checks from monthlyIts amazing what happens when you start to learn how to Add 20 to 30 People Per Week into your primary business. I like to tank you for all your help and being so great teachers. You guy’s have so much patience and really care about each of your studentsThe past 6 months, I made more income using the tools and techniques you have given me and taught me then I have made in the past 5 Years in my Network Marketing Career. You all are so very accommodating. This works truly your passion and your purpose to assist all of us the way that you are doing. God is smiling down on you all, and your business will be blessed abundantly! Today, I was able to offerwithin just 5 short minutes. I was able to generate an income of $1,500.00 in 5 minutes flat, using the proven techniques that Gino and Terry share with us week in and week out, without fail! These are ordinary peoplepeople like you and I doing extraordinary things. You too will be sending in nice notes of the things youve accomplished as a direct result of this shattering and explosive information. 5 Crucial Life Saving Bonuses (only for those who act before these 75 CD sets are gone). Bonus #1 Your very own conference line that can handle up to 30 participants. Most conference lines charge $79.00 per month (or much, much more) every single month. This is yours absolutely free of charge! Can you imagine having 30 people listen to your sales presentation? Every single participant has already displayed a want and desire for what you have. How many do you think will come into your business? We have students enrolling 35% of their visitors! Bonus #2 – A one-hour time certificate with myself. During this one hour, I will show you, step by step, how to get hundreds, even thousands of targeted visitors to your website that truly want what you have. Weve had thousands of laser beam traffic to our sites on a daily basis – we’re pullin’ back the curtain and Ill show you exactly what we do and how we do it! After you’ve gone through the information, you’ll send me an email and we’ll schedule time for our consulation. This way, we’re both on the same page as I dive in, review what you’ve done and discuss strategies going forward. My email address is on the product download page – you’ll also receive an email from me immediately after the purchase with contact information. This is the same information that we use to generate millions of dollars every single year. Our websites have been exposed to nearly 15,000,000 visitors! What would that do for your business? Bonus #3 – Your Very Own Custom Website! You read that correctly. Your very own website that you can change, modify and edit to market anything that your heart desires. Others are using there website to generate thousands of dollars every single week. You can too! There are no hosting fees or maintenance charges. This site is yours 100% FREE! No fine print. No hog wash. Bonus #4 – A Nearly 3 Hour, Top Gun Special Call that will show you step by step how to create and craft your own presentation call from top to bottom. Literally, this call will take you by the trousers and physically guide you through the process of creating your very own presentation call to sell anything that your heart desires. This is the exact same format we use to create our presentation calls that grow our businesses at a lightning pace. This call will outline exactly what to say on your call, how to say it and different premiums and techniques that can be used to spur and increase your closing rate. Bonus #5 – Unlimited email access to our in house web developer. “Moe” is an absolute website genius. Hes built websites from the ground floor that have generated big bucks within the first 48 hours. He will assist you and walk you through the process of properly formatting your site, building it and preparing it for the massive visitors that your site will soon have. You’ll Have Access To Him FOR FREE. Not once, but as often as needed via email! This is very rare that he does not charge mounds of cash to pick his brain. On top of these goodies, to make sure you have zero risk, your order is fully guaranteed If for any reason, you dont feel is what worth what you paid, simply call our office (click here for contact info) for a no hassle, no hard feelings full and complete refund. Hows that for confidence? No questions asked. Were confident with our work and our teachings. Were not arrogant, but we do know that what we offer workstime and time again. By offering a one full year guarantee, this gives you plenty of time to study and implement the information. And even if you choose to have a refund we want you to keep the training calls and information! Hows that for a no risk scenario? If youre not happy or feel it didnt help you for any reason, youre getting your money back. We dont need your money, but we certainly value and appreciate your business. What is something like this worth? Its actually pretty difficult to put a price tag on something like this. How much would it be worth to you if you started adding 10, 20 even 30 people every single week into your business? Putting the pieces together, growing a huge organization is worth big bucks. Weve actually been paid thousands of dollars sharing this exact same information with others. Lets think of a worst-case scenariowhat if you just picked up 3 or 4 techniques that allowed you to grow your business immediately? Lets say implementing those ideas only added an extra thousand bucks a month to your check? What would it be worth then? A few thousand dollars? Youre not going to spend thousands of dollars today. Not even hundreds of dollars If you act quick enough and take swift actionyoure only going to pay a measly one-time investment of just $47.00. Thats right $47 bucks gets you all of this turbo charged, no nonsense information. Hows that for a smokin deal? There are no monthly fees and no extra charges. You’ll have immediate access to the product – you can download the files straight to your computer and start learning right away. You’ll learn via audio recordings, videos as well as PDF reports. You can’t even get a decent meal for you and the spouse these days for less than $50! This really is a no brainer… How can we practically give this information away? Good question. These calls have already paid for themselves. Our students attend these calls live and pay big bucks to do so. This allows us to pass on a huge savings to you. This really is a win-win situation. And, most importantly, you make out like a bandit. There is a catch thoughyoull need to act quickly. This offer is strictly limited and may never be repeated again. Were limiting this only to the next 75 smart marketers who are decisive and pull the trigger to make it happen. No exceptions. We apologize if youre number 76. I have added around $42,000 to my income on a very part-time basis. I can now work completely from my home and be here for my family too. Bringing in $186,000 Dollars since the beginning has allowed me to purchase our two New Homes. What a change from living in a Two Bedroom Apartment and having no security for the future. THANK YOU! THANK YOU GINO AND TERRY!!! Bill and I want to express our sincere gratitude to you & Gino…This year we’re on track to exceed the $500,000.00 mark in sales! The Time To Take Action Is Now. Not Tomorrow Or Some Other Day NOW What happened the last time you procrastinated and put something on the back burner? Whats the absolute worst-case scenario that could happen to you? Well, you werent happy (for whatever reason) and you received a full 100% prompt refund. Whats the best thing that could happen to you? Welleverything we discussed early became a reality for you and you began growing your business at a pace you never thought possible. Everything in your life youve ever wanted finally became a reality. That new housethe boat, the new car in the driveway. Whats more important to you? Statistically, if you do nothing today, failure (or lack of success) is a very high probability. By taking action and moving in the right direction, and making it happen, youre already accomplishing one of the biggest assets any business can ever obtain MOMENTUM. I can promise you this. If you do nothing today and take no action, the results that youve been experiencing in the past will continue taking place going forward. Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown. Ross Perot Success requires action. Giving up, walking away and not taking action is a sure path to failure. Success usually requires risk as well. Lucky for you, weve removed the risk 100% because of our confidence and ability in training others. You have absolutely nothing to lose nothing to risk. Remember, I’m taking all the risk here. You risk absolutely nothing. You get everything outlined above with a full 60 day guarantee guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason shoot me an email for a quick and full refund for $47.00 – no questions asked. And, you I want you to still keep the bonuses valued at nearly $2300.00! P.S. What would you do if you were adding 10 or 20 people per week into your business. How would that effect the quality of your life? Maybe pick up that new house youve been eyeing up or that new BMW the wife drools over every time she sees itFor a measly one time investment of just $47.00 you can give yourself the freedom that every entrepeneur dreams about financial independence. P.P.S. If you’ve made it this far you’re probably just a little bit skeptical. Remember, all I’m asking for is a “MAYBE”. That’s it. That’s exactly why we offer a full 60 day, no questions asked, no fine print guarantee. P.P.S.S. The risk is on us, because we stand by our “Iron Clad” 100% Money Back, No Questions Asked, Guarantee. If you decide that for whatever reason, this wasnt for you keep the downloads and all of the bonuses! Not only do you get your money back, but also you get to keep the education! Hows that for being fair? P.P.S.S.S. Think back for a moment and add up all the money youve spent trying to make it happen in the home business industry. Assuming you had this information prior, how much would that have saved you? Probably hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This information changes lives and wallets. This same information has saved thousands before you…your next. Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed! Important Disclaimer: This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or Google.
How To Recruit Like A Machine!

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