Find, Fund And Facilitate All Your Real Estate

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Find Financing Facilitate Real Estate Projects

Construction Manager After Many Years of Going to School Just Scraping By and Working For Others Discovers the to Multi-Millions and Now Is Going to Share With You! and the best part… With None Of Your Own Money! Do you want to to learn from world renown expert during the toughest economic crisis? Finally! A System for the or Real Estate Investor that really work and will help your foreclosure, short sale, Before I Share My Hidden Real Estate Secrets, Let Me Introduce To You The… Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System" Features NOT One But Three Courses With SEVEN FEE GOLD PROFIT CENTERS For Almost as FAST as a Pizza Delivery Boy! Discover How To Easily Use The "3F System – Find, Fund & Facilitate "Commercial Real Estate Deals With None of Your Own Money This was the first time in New York City history that we actually completed a Major Development Project for New York, both on time and under budget. Referring to the completion of the new 911 headquarters for all of NYC UNLESS YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT BE If you’d like to become rich, provide for your family for life and the get the freedom of time with the money to enjoy it, this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Hello! My name is Ken Van Liew. I’m the author of two best-selling books, Create & Master Clients For Life and Secrets How To Buy Your Dream Home With Little or No Money Even With Imperfect Credit, read by millions of people in the past 5 years. My background includes with hands-on expertise in hi-rise development, engineering and construction in New York City. One of our latest real estate projects "The 240 Park" in New York City, was a major challenge due to rising construction costs which delay many projects in New York City. This project was agreed upon to be built by union contractors where costs are much higher which can typically exceed $400.00 per square foot in most instances. Due to the Park Avenue exposure and complicated nature of the structure we were forced to build union. Becuase, it is very difficult to find non-union superstructure contractors qualified to perform in accordance to the architectural and engineering requirements necessary to meet the schedule. So, we tried to cut some corners! One of trades we recommended to our Construction Manager mobilizes on-site with non-union men. The project is shut-down. We then place subject contractor on 72-hour notice to rectify the situation to prevent termination. The contr[…]
Find Financing Facilitate Real Estate Projects

If Your Looking To Fund Projects Or Real Estate In 09′ Or If Banks Have Turned You Down. You Will Need This Information. The Author Has Developed Over 1.2 Billion In Real Estate Projects. Geared Toward Commercial But Can Be Applicable To All Real Estate.

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