Fire Up Your Love Life With This Hot New Sex Position!

Fire Up Your Love Life With This Hot New Sex Position! preview. Click for more details

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How often does a new sex position come along? The answer is virtually neveruntil now.Going Up On Her is a lovers guide to the one of a kind, new woman on top sex position that makes it easy and comfortable to give a woman the best oral sex she has ever received. It combines all of the elements that make woman on top positions so stimulating and pleasurable, without the strain experienced in traditional oral sex positions.Like most people, we were using the tried-and-true oral sex positions that have been around forever. But lets face it: while going down on a woman in these positions can be extremely erotic, it also presents challenges such as neck, back, knee and jaw strain for her partner.And its not just the positions themselves that need to be overcome. Both men and women experience a variety of physical and mental challenges around female oral sex in general. We felt there just had to be something to solve this. Thats when the light bulb went on and we created Going Up On Her!Going Up On Her is more than a new sex position. Its more than wildly effective at bringing her to orgasm in one of the sexiest sex positions youll ever try. Its also a lovemaking philosophy that empowers women and their partners to communicate, gain sexual confidence, and grow closer.AND its a complete guide to creating her most breathtaking, body-rocking orgasms, along with some of the most electrifying lovemaking two people can experience. In fact, our value-packed book provides 70 pages of amazing content, including:Solve the mystery of the female orgasm once and for all with Going Up On Her: a lovers guide to the new sex position and lovemaking philosophy that supports her physically, emotionally, and mentally to experience her most powerful and satisfying orgasms everwith more comfort, less effort, and greater efficiency for her partner.AND it provides sure-fire lovemaking tips and techniques that will help you both overcome common challenges, drive her even wilder with ecstasyand bring the two of you closer than ever.Join in now and start discovering a new world of lovemaking like youve never imagined. And take your love life UP to a whole new level tonight.Love, Authors of Going Up On HerP.S. As our gift to you, we also want you to have our that will teach you the tantric art of Yoni Massage, help you create a healthy mindset around sex, and design a sexy bedroom to support better sex and deeper intimacy. All 3 are yours absolutely free when you secure your copy of Going[…]
JoyLove Publishing

Going Up On Her is a lovers’ guide to the new woman on top sex position that makes it easy and comfortable to give a woman the best oral sex she’s ever

Going Up On Her Is A Lovers Guide To The New Woman On Top Sex Position That Makes It Easy And Comfortable To Give A Woman The Best Oral Sex She’s Ever Had!

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