Fitmom System – Weight Loss Scheme For New Moms

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Look Like You Never Had A Baby

I stared to think and put the pieces together. The things I have read, the diets I have tried and the huge change in my free time after I became a mother. My body miraculously recovered, although I ate so much (and so much fat) that I was a laughing stock in my family. I hardly took my baby for walks and never spent more than 15 minutes a day on anything even remotely related to exercise.Still, my I lost my baby weight like magic. Two months after my birth my favorite tight skirt fitted my waist again. Here you can see the photo I took and sent to my best friend saying Breaking! The skirt you gave me fits again!After the humiliating event with the couch, however, I started exercises that I could fit into my non-existent free time. I got extremely efficient and chose the best exercises that breastfeeding moms can do. I started to get my physical strength back. I was able to lift and hold my baby and carry him in a sling even when he was over 20 pounds.My photos on this website were taken when I was 41 years old and my baby was over 10 months. I was still breastfeeding day and night. And I have never set foot in a gym or felt hungry for a minute on account of dieting. I ate as much as I couldsometimes even at night. And I never did specific exercises for longer than 5-15 minutes depending on what kind of day my baby and I had.And I was shocked to realize that what worked for me was in fact a set of ridiculously simple habits that were there in ancient times already. I also discovered that these secrets have been forgotten. But any new mom can rediscover these secrets and start making them work for herwithout having to learn anything, go anywhere or buy anything. And to think that these secrets have been there for two million years!And you know what surprised me the most? Almost everything I needed to get back into perfect shape was already there in my life… right in front of my eyes.You see, like me, mothers in indigenous tribes throughout history never went on diets or to the gym. Yet, they looked lean and were extremely fit even after a dozen childbirths All you could see was sagging breast after decades of breastfeeding. Apart from that they look young and fit, sometimes even to the point where it is hard to tell if they are the mother or a sister to the baby they are carrying in their armsIf you look at the pictures that were taken of me when my baby was 10 months old you will know for a fact that these secrets work like magicSo I Decided To Put My Fin[…]
Look Like You Never Had A Baby —

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