Five Figures Monthly

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Five Figures Monthly

Dear Friend – Over the past 10 years I have literally tried it all… dropshipping, Forex, MLM, Adsense, affiliate marketing, apps, digital products and that’s just a start… You name it. I’ve almost certainly done it. Along the way, I’ve had some significant successes, such as: Founding 3 successful apps in both health and gaming domain for $32,000 and sold it literally 15 days later for $125,000 ( making almost $100K in profit for doing Other good things have happened too. So yes, many of my online ventures have worked out well. The journey, however, has not always been easy… Allow me to give you I once bought a one word .com finance related domain name for $64,000, invested an additional $60K in development and SEO, spent 18 months getting onto the first page of Google for a SERIOUSLY competative keyword, did so successfully, started making $1000+ in commissions each day… One short week later Google’s "Penguin" update hit the site, OBLITERATING the rankings and causing the website to die overnight. Another time… I wasted 2 years of my life (along with $150K development cash) on a project that fell at the FINAL hurdle, when just before launching, Apple released an EXACT version of the app I was building, available for free on every new iPhone! So this one also suffered a premature death. I’ve had a handful of other disasters, but these two cases were particularly horrific! But why am I telling you about all of these terrible things? Well, no matter what you are doing online… Whether you have an existing business, want to start a business, want to make some quick-cash, no matter what it is – I believe I can help. See, the net result of all this grind and toil… the successes I’ve had, along with the (frankly unwanted) opportunities to learn from my failures, is that I have been able to develop an acute understanding of the following when it comes to making money online: R ealistic to compete in and easy to learn SCALABLE into 5, 6 or even 7 figure income streams …and could also translate into selleable "assets" if an emergency lump sum of cash was ever needed. Truth be told, if I lost it all and had to start again tomorrow, I would know EXACTLY how to build back up again… how to set up a system to generate a . And do it all, pushing thousands dollars directly into my bank account, in literally a matter of days. I presume you noticed that I highlighted the above words in red..? […]
Five Figures Monthly

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