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Flexible Diet Plan

Our gender doesn’t matter. We are all made to feel insecure and inadequate with the way we look, squeezing our belly together and wishing it away. And then comes that ever-painful point in life when your old jeans seem to be a whole button away from fitting. Nothing’s more depressing than that, let me tell you.This is where those rules come in. No carbs, no gluten, no sugar, no bread, no this, no that. And sure, it gets you pumped after a while. It’s almost as if you like the sound of… "Sorry, I’m on a diet," but you seem to like them less and less when you’re the only one in your group of friends not eating that delicious pizza on movie nights.Soon enough, you realize you’re making all these sacrifices, and for what? You’re not losing any weight, you tried exercising as well, but that didn’t work out either, since you have nothing to use as fuel.So what now?You’re in front of your mirror and you hate the way you look, but you hate the only way you think you can change it even more.How do I know?Well, because I’ve been living with this state of mind for a long, long time. I’ve hated my look, hated my gut and definitely hated not being able to enjoy cooking and eating all the delicious foods this world has to offer. It’s like the more I tried, the more I failed, and trust me, a person simply can’t live like that![…]
Flexible Diet Plan

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