Forex Trading Tutorial

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Insider forex secrets revealed

The amazing thing is, money management keeps your money as safe as it can be. While at the same time compounding your wins for maximum profits.So the more money you have in your trading account, the more profits you make.The more you win, the bigger your profits grow. The bigger the profits grow the bigger your trading account gets. The bigger your trading account gets, the more money you win, and on and on and on it goesThis gives you the ability to turn small amounts of cash into vast amounts of profits very quickly. all while keeping your money as safe as possibleSo now I had a breakthrough, I was using a professional trading system and I was controlling my money on each trade. I started to make some profits and was overjoyed with my trading results. But my confidence was misplaced as I was still struggling to make those massive profits that I had read about.With a bit of honest self reflection I found the reason was, that no matter how hard I tried follow the trading system exactly. I would allow either greed or fear to cloud my judgement and I would close the trades too soon or too late and it was crippling me big time.I was just getting in my own waySo with work having a stranglehold on my time and my clouded brain tripping me up. I realised that couldnt get out of my own way consistently enough to make the big bucks.I had to find a completely different way.Soon after realising that I had to take myself out of the equation, I looked into alternative ways of trading forex and settled upon robot (computer) trading.This was the surprisingly simple answer that I was looking for, I could set up the auto systems before I started trading. They then made me money with no silly trading mistakes. They would trade exactly how they are told to trade.I also got an unexpected bonus. By using automated trading I could now trade 24 hours a day. I could make profits even when I was at work and I would even make some cash while I was sleeping.I was ecstatic because now I was never going to miss a trading opportunity.But I soon discovered that trading this way needed a completely different skill set. So once again I was back to the books and searching the net. I researched, learned as much as I could and I slowly pieced together the required knowledge that I needed to make profits using trading robots.To my amazement the profits started pouring in, I was overjoyed that I had finally cracked the code to forex success. I sat back ready to let the good times roll, and the[…]
Insider forex secrets revealed

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