French Course With French President’s ESL Teacher

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French I, II, III, IV, V & Advanced French

Over 9 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension + written exercises (with answers) Course content: The use of tre & avoir, adjectives to describe people & things (+ irregular adjectives), parts of the body, counting up to 1 billion, definite & indefinite articles, how to use er, -ir, -re and irregular verbs (all the most useful verbs that other books or schools dont teach), the negative form, including nejamais, neplus, nepersonne, ne que, the use of de or d after the negative form, the 3 ways of asking questions, demonstrative adjectives, use of the pronoun on, use of French adverbs, questions words: o / quand / quoi / comment / pourquoi, near future, how to tell time, possessive adjectives, venir de + infinitive, cest vs Il/elle est, locating people & things.Over 11 hours of video lessons on the following themes/structures, along with oral comprehension & written exercises: Course content: Etre en train de, avoir besoin de, Imperative mood, quel(le), infinitive constructions, recent past with venir de + infinitive, -dre verbs + irregular verbs (mettre/boire), More irregular verbs : devoir/pouvoir, translation of all the & the whole, direct/indirect object pronounsPronouns y & en, how to use rester & manquer beyond their basic use, pass compos of regular verbs : 1st, 2nd & 3rd group, reflexive verbs in the present tense (you will learn all the most useful reflexive verbs used by the French on a daily basis that no other school will teach you, contractions with de , adjectives used as nounsCourse content: Present tense review, adjective placement, near future, pass compos: irregular verbs + tre verbs, partitive articles, negative expressions in pass compos, direct/Indirect Object pronouns in present and pass compos, most used reflexive verbs present, imperative & pass compos (the complete list), simultaneous use of direct & indirect object pronouns, object pronouns with 2 consecutive verbs, ce qui vs ce que vs ce dont, a fait + time, , quel & lequel, imperfect, savoir vs connatre, uses of the verb falloir, depuis vs pendant, the most useful conjunctions & connecting words, bonus lessons on important structures no one will teach you.Over 11 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension & written exercises. Course content: "Avoir beau" + infinitive, Fallir + infinitive, the future tense, how to use the verb plaire, "Acheter" and verbs following the same pattern, present of the […]
French I, II, III, IV, V & Advanced French – Language CityLanguage City

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