Frog Formula

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Discover why youare attracting the same type of man over and over again by subtle things you do and say! You subconsciously act ina certain way,thatturns off the very men whowant to make you truly happy.. It is time to break the cycle with the help of Toby the Toad..Kissed more frogs than you care to admit..? Prince charming keeps disappearing on you like a hairy Cinderella at the ball… without the happy ending? Are you dating an "astronaut" who constantly needs space? Do you constantly ask yourself "what’s wrong with me"? It’stime to stop getting the relationship equivalent of food poisoning!Did you know that in the Russian folk tale version of the fairytale, the Frog Prince, the frog is actually a woman? Sometimes we are the frog and don’t even realize it. By "frog", I don’t mean looks, weight, height or anything related to physical appearance, state of finances or intellectual capability. The frog is something or someone that brings out the worst in you by triggering undesirable behavior, crushing your chances at a happy relationship. Have you been in a relationship with someone who was into you and then inexplicably pulled away and disappeared aka been ghosted? Have you been left wondering what you said or did wrong to deserve what seemed like a cold hearted rejection when all you wanted was an answer? Do you give off red flag warnings unbeknownst to you that signal to quality men to stay away? I have news for you, if this has happened to you a few times – you are creating this You’re not alone and it’s completely within your power to change all of this so keep reading.. We like to think that we are in control but much of the time, we are on autopilot. Ladies, it’s not just men who go hunting with beer goggles on.. In our case, the beer goggle is our pre-programmed view of the world that we cling to for dear life. This kind of faulty programming holds us back from entering into a happy relationship with someone who genuinely gives a sh*t about us. If you believe that 1+1 = 3 as fact, you are not going to be going far in the field of advanced mathematics. Your foundations are incorrect. Believing false facts about relationships holds you back from riding into the sunset with Prince Charming.Get rid of toxic habits & developa 6th Sense when it comes to attracting & keeping a ! Go from casual dating to a serious relationship!Become aLove ChessJust like there are four elements, there arefour types of human beings […]
Relationship Product Based On Adult Attachment Science. Lighthearted Approach To Attracting A Man Of Substance. Email Swipes Under Affiliate Resources. Niches: Commitment, Ex Back, Law Of Attraction. $29.99

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