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Games For Fun Kids | Train Your Child To Think Like A Genius

From Megan Wong & Her Team of Teachers, We have been teaching children ranging from 3 to 12 years of age for the past ten years, teaching Math, English, Art and Memory Techniques. Our method of teaching is based on just one principle FUN. Fun learning is smart learning and children must enjoy and have fun while learning and this has been our main focus in all our programs. We have witness children whom we have nurtured grown into individuals who are able to discover their own gifts and talents and knowing how to think and learn creatively and how to have fun while learning. Mind Power Series is well grounded in research and practical experience of working with individual children ranging from 4 to 7 years old and we would like to share with you the strategies which we have been using to help them develop their – Most parents do not have enough time and even for those who have, do not know the proper techniques on how to nurture their children to unlock their individual gifts, creativity, thinking and learning. We have noticed parents buying many books activity books, mazes, word search, puzzles for their children to do. Many of these books end up in the shelves collecting dust or the children just doing the first few pages of the books and then tucked in the book shelf forgotten. Parents told us their concerns and worries my child has no imagination my child does not like to read books my child does not know how to think my child is too quiet my child does not know how to read my child loves computer games more than books I do not know how to teach my child Sensing their frustrations inspired us to do Mind Power Series. Parenting is a tough job but the key to helping your child emerge a genius is to give your child the opportunity to be creative and the confidence to express their individual ideas the important beginning essentials in early childhood education. We debated on how we can effectively help parents to know how to develop and nurture their children individual talents and creativity, bringing out the best in them giving them a book of theories for the parent to read, then source for the right materials themselves to teach the child or a book of activities which both parent and child can immediately use together with short notes for the parent to know how to guide the child along while they are doing the activities We decided on the book of activities as theories are just theories if they are not put into practice. The book of activitie[…]
Games For Fun Kids | Train Your Child To Think Like A Genius

Fun Math Games, Printable English Worksheets, Creative And Fun Brain Games To Train Your Child To Think Like A Genius. More Than 360 Fun Activities For Children To Play And Learn With Teachers And Parents.

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