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How to get a girlfriend

How To Get Any Girls In 4 StepsStep By Step Guide To Get Any GirlsIt all starts with the approach. If you dont know how to approach theres no point in learning anything else. Getting the approach right is not only the key to bringing women into your world, but also massively increasing your confidence.First, lets get clear on what the approach is supposed to do.Most guys think that approach, in itself, is supposed to get her attracted to you, but thats not the case.Listen up real close: The only goal of the approach is to get attention Nothing else.You get her attention and then segue into the conversation. Thats all the approach is supposed to do. But making the approach can be downright scary if you havent done it before. Theres the element of fear attached to it.How to get over theApproach AnxietyHow You Say <<< What You SayThe approach part, even though being vital to the whole pickup process, isnt an end in itself.After surviving the initial tense moments of the approach, youll only get somewhere if you know how to engage the girl.This is where most guys fall short.Because even if you somehow use the paradigm to muster up the confidence and make the approach, you wont get very far with that attitude when you actually start talking to her. Girls have highly advanced bullshit detectors. And they can sense when a guy is being authentic and when hes just trying to be someone hes not. If youretryingto be the man, you wont make it very far into the conversation.The key then is to not try to be someone youre not. Simple be true to yourself and start talking. Pretentious behavior comes off as insecure and girls run away from guys who are insecure about themselves.Its needy and it isnt authentic.And apparently authenticity and comfort in your own skin no matter how you look is what girls are looking for in a guy. No matter how you look or how you dress, for that matter, girls will love you if youre comfortable in your own skin.Part III – How To Get Her NumberOkay, getting a number is when things start to get interesting.Youve talked to her, conveyed your personality and done everything you could to come off as cool, classy and an interesting dude.The only thing to do from there is to get her number and get to know her better.Well talk about how to do that later, but first its worth mentioning the attitude you need so that your chances of getting the number increase dramatically.You see, all the guys are talking to her in the hopes of closing her ge[…]
How to get a girlfriend

Learn To Get Any Girls In 4 Steps

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