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My Monthly Membership Internet Marketing Membership

Unless youve been hiding under a rock or are completely new to the internet, youll know that graphics help SELL a product.It doesn’t matter what youre selling… Words alone can only do so much, but graphics will help your visitors decide if they should stay on your website, read your sales letter or leave. If your site looks tacky, or looks like a botched home-improvement job, what impression does that leave about your product?The majority of marketers already know this which is why they happily spend $1000s on designer fees whenever they release a new product… create a new report… release a video series… sell an audio product… re-work a private label product… start a new blog… etc.They always put money aside for new graphics because they know they’ll make their money back many times over.Think about it…When was the last time some ‘guru’ launched a website to you with sloppy looking graphics?… Almost never!… Why?… Because they know it matters! They know it affects their reputation and their profits.Knowing this, do you think it would be a profitable venture to start a monthly graphics membership for internet marketers?… You bet!The beauty of membership sites is that you can sell once to your customer and have the peace of mind that theyll continue to pay for access for that membership for as long as the membership lasts.It could be a 3 month membership, a 6 month membership, a year long membership or a lifetime membership. Either way, once youve got a new member in your membership, you know youve added more to your net profit way more than what a linear one-time sale could ever do for you.I’ve launched and managed several memberships online ranging from affiliate marketing templates, resell rights products, niche products, private label products and graphics. They make all the difference to your income and are no different from a single sale transaction!If you can download a zip file from my server, download it directly to your desktop, extract the contents of that desktop, make a few quick changes such as adding your name and email and upload everything exactly as they are, then my friend youre 90% there!Not only am I going to provide you with an all-in-one fixed term membership business-in-a-box, but Im going to make it an absolute piece of cake to get it up and running. In fact you WILL NOT even need a membership script! YES its that easy!Youll be providing niche graphic templates, eCovers and Photoshop PSDs to your members ever[…]
My Monthly Membership – Internet Marketing Membership

Who Else Wants Their Own 100% Fully Automated 12-month Fixed-term Graphics Membership Guaranteed To Bring In Monthly PayPal® Subscription Payments!

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