Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide.

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Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide – your ultimate ebook to care and raise beautiful and healthy halfmoon betta fishes successfully!

"Find Out How To Easily Make Your Halfmoon Betta Fish Healthy, Colorful And Happily Swimming In His Tank With Gorgeous Finnage. Thinking Of Spawning These Beauties? Read On…" If you are passionate in keeping Halfmoon Betta Fish or planning to start this as a new hobby, this will probably be the most interesting and exciting message you’ll come across today ! I’m Brandon and I started this hobby of betta (Siamese Fighting Fish/ Betta Splendens) keeping since childhood just like most betta lovers, that’s almost 20 years from now. Phew….its a long way since then. Along the way, I’ve had lots of failures and ‘victories’ in the betta world, both sad and happy, but the experience is definitely rewarding and enjoyable. Just imagine coming back home from a stressful day’s work and escaping the effect by enjoying the pleasant view of you ‘mini aquarium’ with your Halfmoon Betta Fish in it, swimming happily and flaring occasionally as it response to You, his owner’s presence energetically with so much power and attitude. For me, It helps tremendously in stress-relief. That’s why as a responsible owner, I strive to give my Halfmoon Betta Fish the best they can and rightfully get. In fact throughout these years, I’ve done lots of extensive research on Betta Fish and Halfmoon Betta Fish including the origins of Betta Fish, Types of Betta Fish in different parts of the world, Proper selection of Betta Fish, Food in their natural habitat for adult and fry, Housing considerations, Genetic makeup, Injury and sickness, Spawning and raising the young to beautiful adults and lots more. All my experience comes from visiting and sharing information with Betta Fish hobbyist around the world via internet, emails, forums and personal visits. Other than that, I used to interview commercial and non-commercial breeders by sharing knowledge on Betta Fish. These includes visiting Betta farms and Tropical Fish farms in search for newer innovative ways to breed Bettas to enhance the quality or quantity of the strain, Latest breed of Bettas, what systems are breeders using and other Betta related topics. I also read lots of books and articles relating to Halfmoon Betta Fish, Betta Fish and Other tropical fishes. From here, I gain invaluable knowledge on the Halfmoon Betta fish’s family — Anabantidae or Belontiidae, that belongs to the same family as the Gouramis and the famous Paradise Fish. This made me become well aware of their special respiratory organs, nature and temp[…]
Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide – your ultimate ebook to care and raise beautiful and healthy halfmoon betta fishes successfully!

Ebook(r) Concentrating On Halfmoon Betta Fish Hobby And Information. In Here, Youll Definitely Find Lots Of Undisclosed Secrets And Facts That Halfmoon Betta Hobbyist Are Seeking To Become Successful In The Hobby, Thru A Practical,educational And Fun Way!

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