Heal Health, Finances, Relationships And Other Issues Within 30 Days

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You can heal no matter what your conditioning or others think of youHave you given up on life for nothing Is working for you?Do you have challenges that nothing seems to be working against?Have you tried every selfhelp program and you are still standing still or even detoriating?You are not alone and I know exactly how you are feeling.I had everything served on a silver platter but still my financial success, my health and my relationships got worse and worse until I was close to dying.I was lying there on a sofa depressed with ME, Lupus, allergies and panic attacks without knowing what to do.I tried every selfhelp program I could get my hands on and listened to every guru there was and still life was hitting me in the face.What was wrong with me? Other people succeeded but I even blamed myself for that the law of attraction did not work for me.Am I such a bad person that God had abandoned me?No, my problem was that my paradigms and programming was so stuck that no positive thought, feeeling or action could help me. My conditioning was running my life and there was nothing I could do about it or?Around the millennium shift I was out of hope and the only thing I had not tried was to use my Divine gift the intuition. I gave in and let go of my conditioned thoughts and feelings. My intuition started to talk to me and gave me the information I am about to give you. My intuition told med how to heal. I needed to address the negative paradigms I had in a new way that I had not done before.I developed the Soulbalancemethod which is a method where you can learn how to find and let go of traumas from childhood, past lives or other situations. The results were immediate and powerful for me and my clients. As I started to help others as my health and wealth improved.I now want to give you the same possibility and gift as I received. You are now going to be able to heal 100 times faster than I did as you do not have to invent the wheel again.You can now take part of my special offer to you with 5 Binaural Beat tracks that will delete all negative paradigms you have and you do not even have to believe that it works. All you need to do is listen to the tracks at least 30 minutes a day and you will be set free. You can even listen while you are sleeping with is the way I recommend. Could it be easier?The Binaural Beats are set with my intuition with special frequencies that go to each ear. The difference in frequency from the both tones is then generated automatically by[…]
Win with The Soulbalancemethod! – Soulbalancemethod

You Will Be Able To Automatically Delete Negative Conditioning In You Going From Sickness, Bad Finances, Poor Relationships To Health, Financial Freedom, Good Relationships And Success Within 30 Days.

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