Heal Your Own Sleep

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The System for Overcoming Your Chronic Insomnia

Are you fed up because you cant sleep?Have you tried every sleeping pill there is, only to find that youre sleeping worse?Are you frustrated when you hear others talk about simply getting a bad nights sleep, when you yourself havent slept for SEVERAL nights, and its all you can do to just make it through each day?Do you get exhausted trying to make it through your work day, then irritated when your boss and co-workers expect you to function like you were able to before you developed chronic insomnia?Do you get irritated because your chronic insomnia is costing you a small fortune in doctors visits and missed work?Is your doctor afraid to keep prescribing you sleeping pills, but youre terrified of the prospect of trying to sleep at night without them?Are you caught in that dreaded cycle of taking sleeping pills because you need them to sleep, but they no longer work, so youve started taking them more often (perhaps every night) in a desperate attempt to sleep?Are you well aware that your family misses the person you used to be, and that used to scare you, but now youre starting to feel numb to it all?If so, dont keep suffering any longer.You CAN break the cycle of chronic insomnia!Heal Your Own Sleep will teach your brain to teach your body how to sleep again.Unlike most other solutions out there, Heal Your Own Sleep uses a novel approach. Written by a clinical therapist and former sufferer of chronic insomnia, Heal your Own Sleep will teach you how when it comes to insomnia, the first step in developing better sleep starts in the mind.This is not about using mere positive thinking (although that certainly helps). Nor is it about the power of the law of attraction or any of those other mind methods that are currently out there.Instead, Heal Your Own Sleep uses a proven psychology technique that has been used in order to help people from all walks of life overcome a variety of issues where they have become stuck in their thinking.And since you have become stuck in the pattern of believing you can no longer get a good nights sleepyou are no exception.Inside Heal Your Own Sleep, you will learn:Im not a doctor. Im a clinical therapist who has used the technique in this book to overcome my own past issues with chronic insomnia.Now, I cant guarantee you 100% recovery from ever experiencing a night of insomnia. This will depend on a lot of factors, such as your own ability and determination to follow the program I outline. If anyone says they can promise you bliss[…]
Heal Your Own Sleep | The System for Overcoming Your Chronic Insomnia

Comprehensive System To Overcome Your Insomnia Using The Power Of Your Mind. Developed By A Clinical Therapist And Former Chronic Insomniac.

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