Heat Yourself Hard – Cure Ed With Bbq Sauce

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BBQ sauce for your penis?

Q: I hate spicy food & have zero heat tolerance but want the benefits of capsaicin. What should I do?Relax, I wrote Heat Yourself Hard just for men like you. Thats why I included multiple chapters on how to get all the benefits you want with zero burn, zero hassle, and zero flinching. Just eat delicious meals & let capsaicin do the rest.Q: What ingredients do I need to make the sauces? I think my local supermarket only carries jalapenos.The only ingredient you may have to slightly go out of your way to obtain is the ultra-potent peppers themselves. If your local supermarket doesnt have them, you can always order them online at dirt cheap prices. Everything is listed in great detail in Heat Yourself Hard, including brand names & the websites I use personally.Q: How long does it take to see results?Most men report changes within the first few days, although it ultimately depends on the state of your health. Worse case scenario, 1 to 2 weeks.Q: Am I required to use a backyard barbecue or grill in order to fully use this system?No, none of the books have any grilling instructions. All you need is a common blender or food processor.Q: I thought hot peppers caused indigestion & stomach ulcers? Is this not true?Its absolutely not true. Capsaicin does not cause indigestion or irritate the stomach in any way. In fact, multiple studies have shown it actually nourishes & soothes your digestive tract, reduces gas, and even decreases your chances of getting colon cancer. Its 100% safe.Q: What about cholesterol lowering drugs (aka statins), cant I just take those to clear out my arteries & restore my erections?Only if you want to ruin your health with nasty side-effects such as memory loss, muscle weakness, and further IMPOTENCE for the many months youll be taking them. Also note that your cholesterol will likely return shorty after you stop taking them & youll end up right back where you started.Q: I already enjoy spicy food yet still have bedroom troubles. What am I doing wrong?Youre likely using weak mass market products that are low in capsaicin. Try making your own sauces as outlined in Barbecue Sauce Erections & youll see results.Q: Im on half a dozen medications, could capsaicin interact with any of them?Only if you’re on strong anticoagulants (also known as blood thinners), which are sometimes given to people with very serious heart problems. If you’re on these, speak to your doctor if its safe for you to eat spicy food (although […]
Heat Yourself Hard

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