Help Baby Boomers Start A Retirement Business

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Retirement Business Advocate

By approaching prospects through the concept of retirement and the need to plan for both the financial and non-financial aspects, retirement business advocates establish themselves as industry leaders and influential problem solvers. With our cutting edge, one click technology you will get a personalized web page as well as three digital guides that outline the issue and problems boomers face and how starting a business can help them resolve was created to help individuals and groups build their team and grow their business by focusing on the wants, needs, and desires of Baby Boomers nearing or already in retirement. Our completely personalized program gives you exclusive access to content that not only helps baby boomers see retirement in a truly new light but educates them on the benefits of using a business to either generate extra income or help them stay relevant, connected, and active in retirement.Baby Boomers represent one of the largest, wealthiest, and most active segments of our population. Born between 1946 and 1964, they represent some 76 million people strong and are known for their appetite for change and voracious pursuit to re-invent themselves as well as every stage of life they encounter, including retirement.Baby Boomers are a close knit group and understand the power of unity. Together it is estimated that they control over 80% of personal financial assets and more than half of all consumer spending. They have reached career and peak income levels well beyond that of other generations, however, they also face significant and even dangerous financial dynamics. Whether it’s saving enough for retirement, increasing health care costs, college tuition, wedding, supporting adult children or even an aging parent, there is a constant fiscal tug of war taking place within the group.Their demographics, financial realities and emotional preferences have created very specific needs and expectations that are no longer being met through traditional investment services, the corporate grind, or existing retirement labels and ideals. Opportunities that Network Marketing (NM) companies and business consultants can use to not only build their own business but also help boomers continue to reshape their lives and retirement as we know it. As a group, they’re educated, active, and culturally literate. Aspects of life they don’t plan on giving up once they retire. As individuals, they’re both caring and discerning. They want to l[…]
Retirement Business Advocate

Cutting Edge Program Uses Psychology Of Retirement To Help Baby Boomers Start A Business To Replace Their Work Identity, Stay Connected, Relevant, And Earn Income. Popular With Mlm Or Home Biz.

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