History And Security In The Middle East

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History and Security in the Middle East

And business and security are changing with it.Knowing your business means knowing the politics and cultures of the people you do business with. The Middle East presents a unique set of banking systems, financial institutions, public policies, and security issues that any professional working in the region needs to know about.Learn how religion, education and investment are influencing one of the most important regions in the world with international attention and global economics. Learn about the Arab Spring, employment trends, womens rights and the Super Powers game.Todays employers are looking for individuals with specific knowledge of this ultra narrow and specialized field. This course provides you with up-to-the-minute, expert-level knowledge training and an internationally recognized Certificate Badge as part of IDMaps broad selection of classes.History and Security in the Middle East Online courseA course designed for professionals and students looking to relocate to The Middle East as well as for those who are working and living in the region presently.This in-depth course explains the ethnicities, cultures, traditions and origins of the Middle Eastern people.Specific course modules include a history of the wars and conflicts that have led to the formation of the present Middle East nation states and cultural landscapes.Industry professionals with business interests in the Middle East will find this course very informative and valuable.Anyone with a general interest in the region will gain valuable insights to the cultural spectrum of a region with diverse beliefs and influences.High-school students looking for an introductory course to the cultures of the Middle East can enjoy special discounted prices!How will you learn?You are probably intrigued by the learning opportunity presented by an online class. As in a regular class, we gather all together next to our desktop or tablet to watch live lessons on the topic. We welcome prominent academics, businessmen and experts for their input on the subject. Youll be able to watch a recorded lesson andprogress at your pace.The fee for the course has recently been reduced to $150.00!Dr. Marina Shorer (PhD) served as a Media Liaison for the Israeli Ministry of Internal Security, a Lecturer for NATO workshops, and a researcher and lecturer for Middle Eastern policy and economics in Universities and special training programs.IDMap is a professional institute focusing on the continuing education of profession[…]
History and Security in the Middle East – IDMAP Online Academy

Online Course To Acquire Professional Academic Top Level Knowledge On Business, Economy, Traditions, Culture, Ethnic Groups, Religion, Super Powers Involvement, Wars And Conflicts In The Middle East. Top Level Experts Provide Live Group Lessons! 8 Weeks!

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