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Gain a solid acting base from home. Learn acting techniques, methods and theories thoroughly, in your own time to gain the best possible foundation for your acting career! Yes, you do need classes and experience, BUT first you need a SOLID platform upon which to build. Get it Now! Hi my name’s Robert Carne and I’m the author of the program. This course has been built up over three decades of personal study, training and experience. These days actors jump from class to class and coach to coach trying to get a grasp on their own way of acting, their own style. The sad truth is that this very rarely happens because they have no single underlying understanding of the processes at work in human interaction, no mental framework upon which to hang their experiences. They go from one isolated idea to the next, no links, no cohesion, no plan. The Home Acting Course fills this much needed gap in modern acting study. Once you have completed the Home Acting Course, all other theories, classes and experience will make more sense, allowing you to take the guess-work out of “how to become a great actor” and putting you in control of your future. Keep an open mind and a thirst for knowledge and I know you’ll enjoy what follows. The Home Acting Course is available all around the world having been sold in The UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Poland, The U.S.A., Europe and Australia! “Get a Acting Foundation at Home that you can build on FOREVER, in your own time, during Acting Classes and while working as a Professional Actor” Please Note: All quoted figures are in US Dollars. Hi and thanks for your interest in this Foundation Home Acting Course. A home acting course is somewhat of a rarity and youre probably wondering; How can you learn acting at home? Well heres a little secret that you may not have known. You HAVE to learn acting at home! What???!!! I have been coaching actors for the last twenty years and one thing that I know is Most acting courses are aimed at the masses, they have to be, to be economically viable. Fifteen, twenty, thirty in a class, maybe three hours per week, if youre lucky. You are one of the mob. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with acting classes, I encourage them. BUT, the is there is not enough time in 99% of courses for you to truly reach your full potential, to get the attention that you need. This foundation Home Acting Course, the Carne Method, gives you the competitive edge, an unfair advantage over the others. I have met so many actors who have done classes for years and NEVER solidified their own way of working. NEVER got the foundation they really needed. How could they when a lot of the time they played games in a class of twenty or more, or were vying for the limited time of their teacher? The Home Acting Course gives you a foundation, a complete way of working that you can extend and build on in class while the others are still struggling for attention. If you have been involved in acting classes in the past ask yourself these questions. Do I really have a solid acting foundation that I fully understand, that I use and that works well for me? Have my past classes really pushed me towards gaining that complete foundation with the end in sight? Is it just class after class, year after year? How many more classes do I have to do before I have a solid foundation that works for me? One term? Two terms? Years??? Am I continually crossing my fingers hoping that this next course will deliver? Am I prepared to risk money on another class with no guarantees that could see another stream of ideas that dont fit into a cohesive way of working? Am I really ready for my big break!? This is probably THE most competitive industry on Earth, you need to be ready NOW. You never know when opportunity will knock and if youre not ready then it will pass you by. As a teacher in my own studio some of the most common complaints I hear from new students about their previous classes are: “We had twenty people in the class so you never really got any personal It was great at first but then we just kept doing the same thing. All that Money! I had a bit of fun, but I didnt really learn anything. People would turn up late, they wanted to take breaks, we wasted so much time! I went there for nearly two years and I still dont have a real way of working! And of course, my personal favorite; All we did was play games! The Carne Method is 100% information. No time wasting, no late students holding YOU back, just you and your potential! Dont allow other people to dictate whether you succeed or not, Who Wrote the Course and how did it come about? My name is Robert Carne and Ive been acting for the last 30 years. Following is a brief story of my journey leading up to writing this course, Im sure youll find some elements familiar. For me the early years were fraught with frustration. At the age of five I started pestering my parents to do acting, there were kids my age on TV so why not me? Finally, aged 9, they relented and let me join a theatre group that held around 9 performances annually. At last I was on the stage! My next task was to become involved in actual classes where I could learn the skills necessary to fulfill my dreams. It wasnt long before I had joined a Talent School and my tuition in Singing, Dancing and Acting began. I was taking the classes and doing loads of performances but after a while things started to slow down. I was becoming frustrated with playing games in class and not really getting down to the nitty gritty. Time to move on. I went to another studio where performance experience was paramount. I was soon involved in productions over lapping productions, I was gaining valuable performance experience, didnt have the games frustration and was starting to get professional work in Television commercials, TV and Film. But after a while I found myself once again getting edgy and knew there must be more, so I left and tried some other studios. All to no avail. Most of them promising this miraculous, spontaneous, creative surge all by having my head crammed full of Method. How could I concentrate on the performance with all that information swimming around in my head? The next stage of my search saw me attend a “High Profile” Acting Academy. There I found some excellent teachers and my confidence grew. I learnt some valuable lessons about Status and taking risks, things were going well until … I was in a class with some very talented students, the teacher was giving us an exercise to do and we werent giving her what she wanted. We couldnt get it right; she was getting very frustrated, as were we. Finally it got the better of me so I said to her, We obviously cant do it correctly, maybe we dont understand, could you please show us so we know what you are talking about?” Her reply was, Youve got to be joking! There she was, the teacher who had been at us time and time again about taking risks with our acting, telling us to put ourselves on the line and yet here she was not prepared to do so herself! I left the school and I knew what I had to do. By this time I was around nineteen years old, I had a good ten years of learning behind me. I knew where I was with my acting and I knew where I wanted to go. The time had come to discover my own path, to find out what either most teachers werent prepared to teach or what they didnt even know existed. What are the secrets that seemed to have eluded all my previous acting coaches? I needed to study, I headed off to University. I went on a Journey of Discovery. I was luckier than most at University, I knew exactly why I was there and was only going to study courses that were going to help me fulfill my goals. While my University friends were complaining about compulsory courses for their degrees I was hand picking only the courses to suit me. I decided to do a double major in Psychology and Drama. I pursued some other areas which I felt would also be of benefit, taking courses in Philosophy and Sociology. All of my focus was on Acting I focused all of my assignments towards understanding the secrets of acting. I often received comments like, This is very interesting, but not strictly to the topic. I didnt care, I was learning and learning fast. I talked, I listened and I learned. I learnt about emotion, found the best theories and adapted them for acting. I learnt about memory and discovered the big mistakes that most actors make when learning lines. I absorbed every scrap of information that would help me in my pursuits. I adapted theories, I created theories, I tried them, I tested them and they worked! Two years later I was feeling good, but I needed to get back home, two years away from the profession had started to frustrate me and there was a Lady waiting. While completing my Degree through Long Distance education I went back in search of the best acting coaches. I had already formulated my foundation theories and they were solid, but there were still a few gaps in the net for exercises that would deliver the results. The Final Pieces to the Puzzle I started searching for the right teachers and soon found one that filled a big piece of the puzzle. I trained with a teacher grounded in Sanford Meisners techniques. I now had a primary emotional exercise for interaction, but there were holes. While Meisner had some excellent methods, there was no underlying theory, no way to understand exactly why and how it worked. I took all of my research, my theories and techniques and found they matched! The puzzle was nearly complete. I had an excellent emotional exercise coupled with underlying theories that took the guesswork out. Unfortunately a key element was missing, I still needed an effective emotional exercise for preparation. I searched everywhere, in all the conventional areas. I drew a blank. I searched and I searched … When it came, it came quiet suddenly, in a small old book, way out of print, that I bought in a second hand bookshop. It was there in front of me, exactly what I needed! Over the following weeks and months I modified the techniques for acting, I tried them, I tested them, and they worked! I could now create any emotional state truthfully in seconds, could interact honestly in the moment and could do so with either a primary emotion or one that a character may use as a barrier, AND I had the underlying theories, techniques and exercises to ensure that others could as well! Now there was no guesswork, I could dissect any moment of the Interaction, understand it AND use the information to maximum performance effect. It was all there. My acting improved out of sight In 1990 my partner and I started up a Performing Arts Studio and my teaching career stepped up a gear. I kept my groups small (I could do this because we owned the place) and the results were excellent. One of the BIG problems with conventional acting tuition is class size and time. Too little time, too many people! These were great times for me; I had the class size and duration that I wanted with students who were keen to learn. My students flew! We experimented with techniques, honed and refined them, put on performances. Finally, six years later, the administration got the better of me, we got rid of the building and my wife continued teaching dance in small halls while I began teaching for other studios. Frustration struck again in another Guise That was when my frustrations re-surfaced. I no longer had control over class size or duration. It got me down, I had all these techniques that had taken me years to discover and finely tune and I couldnt implement them. I kept with it for a few years, the peak of my frustration was teaching for a college that told me what I had to teach. I felt forced to teach 70-year-old acting techniques that should have been updated long, long ago. I left there and decided to coach only at those places where I could teach the way I wanted to. I found a well established private Performing Arts Studio (over 700 students) that would give me free reign. I headed up their acting and drama department and all was good. I taught there for three years before I felt that it was time to move on, time to start to fulfill more of my goals. I wanted to get some of my thoughts to the world. I wanted to start making my own films. I entered a film pitching competition where I became a finalist and won the Ambience Entertainment award. I wrote the screenplay that is currently in pre-production. I teamed up with a producer and we started making short films. Six months later I was flat out working on projects, everything going well, except for another little niggle. I missed my students and I missed teaching. Big dilemma. If I go back to teaching I wont have the time for my own films and projects, if I dont teach a side of me will be left unfulfilled. That was when a good friend of mine suggested I create a Home Acting Course. I laughed, you cant learn acting at home! He smiled and questioned me, Why not? I stopped laughing. He was right, I had always been told that you couldnt, but that was by people who had virtually told me the world was flat. And so I did. I put all of my thoughts, theories and techniques into a home course. A course that I believe will give you the very best acting foundation you could hope for. A foundation that you can build upon to evolve your own, unique way of working. Here are just a few of the Benefits to be had! * Unlock the Five Stages of Human Interaction so that you can create characters grounded in truth. * Discover your own Emotional Truth and how to wield it for performance. * How to make any future acting course more effective. * Simple exercises to do while watching movies that will improve your acting. * How to make a subtle change in posture transform you into another character. * Transforming props into tools to boost your truthful performance. * Understand the fundamental principles of learning and uncover the causal chains that make us who we are today so that you can create any character. * Learn the most potent trick in advertising and how to use it as an actor * Define unique individuals so as to unlock the mysteries of Character. * Uncover the Seven Frontiers of Personal Space and learn how to lock into each for maximum effect. * Release the Secrets of Vulnerability. Know exactly what Vulnerability is and how to use it in performance! * Unearth the foundation stones of Status and Body Language and learn the small pieces that make the large puzzle. * Discover Advanced Techniques for Intellectual and Emotional Preparation that will have you ready in seconds, every time. * The single biggest secret to becoming a truthful actor. * Why I feel 90% of other acting courses are misguided in their focus and how it can hold you back. * How to avoid the big mistakes most beginning actors make. * Why getting the wrong acting foundation can permanently stunt your potential. * Utilize principles of Personal Space, Interaction & Vulnerability to choreograph Dynamic Dances that will ENORMOUSLY IMPACT on your audiences Emotional Experience. * How to Banish Stage Fright and refocus it for an intense performance. * How to become a master at memorizing lines that will NEVER go stale. * Getting a solid acting base from the less intimidating environment of your home means that when you take classes you will be confident and streets ahead of the rest! * Tap into the virtually unknown rules of line memorization and discover the mistakes that most actors make when learning lines. Find out how to use these secrets to maximum benefit. * Break the shackles of seventy odd years of Method Acting. * Learn the Secret Art of Subconscious Emotional Preparation and finely tune your body as an instrument for acting. * Find the principals of Recovery and how to mentally and emotionally deal with lifes traumas to better focus in performance. * Discover your TRUE POTENTIAL and start to live the life of an actor. * The primary foundation stone for acting, a stone which most actors stuck in the conventional Method, are yet to find! * Completely DISPEL the Myth that you cant learn acting at home. ** The Home Acting Course makes other courses make sense!** In 16 weeks or less you could have the SOLID Acting Foundation that previous classes have failed to deliver! I am half way through module seven after reading the first six over and over to help it sit in and I’ve got to say its pretty deep. Did you study psychology or something like that because if you didn’t your research has been amazing. When reading into it, it seems obvious why we act the way we act but without reading about it I wouldn’t have thought about it, you know what I mean. Anyway it’s very good and I will be sure to hold on to it M itch Click here for more References! The principles are easy to learn, amazingly simple to apply and designed for Mature Teenagers Upwards! Do you ever watch TV shows and think to yourself, I could do better than that!? Im not interested in training actors that just want to be on TV, what interests me is training actors to the pinnacle of their potential! Lets face it weve all seen woeful performances on television, but hey, they look good on the cover of magazines! Im not interested in your looks, not interested in who youve met, or who you know. Im interested in you, JUST YOU, in guiding you along a revolutionary path towards becoming the absolute best actor that you can be. For the moment you need to keep the dream alive and feed it with information and training that will see your aspirations become realities. Aim high? There is no other way to aim! If you want to be elite I believe you need to cut through the mind games and go to the core, right down to the soul of human interaction. When you understand how, and why, you interact and POTENTIALLY how you could interact given a different history with a different environment, then you can tap into any character. Rather than Band-Aid, Cut & Paste, techniques for characters, The Carne Method gives a broad base understanding of human behavior and the processes involved. “Once you understand the principles underlying dynamic interaction, you can then create any character founded in the fundamental basic Truths of moment to moment connection.” This is more than a course on acting, its your own psychological and behavioral database, an open ended program to store, view, analyze and create characters. I believe that you should be empowered with a solid acting base founded in the understanding of who you are, how you deal with the world and how you can use your own truth to bring another character to life. The Carne Method Acting Course will give you the solid base that you need. I have spent literally thirty years and tens of thousands of dollars in training, researching, experimenting and trialing the rare information contained in this course. I only want people involved with this method who are serious in getting results, who genuinely believe that they can forge a successful acting career and who are prepared to work. People who are committed and passionate about acting and becoming an actor. You may pay up to four hundred dollars for a term, getting a couple of hours per week in a class with fifteen students or more. I have NEVER found a class that could deliver a solid foundation for under $2,500.oo and even then many of them are flawed and lacking, with little or no reference material to fall back on. Compared to conventional courses this program is ridiculously inexpensive. You can go over this material 24/7 and it is a foundation that you will have forever, you can go back and review the information any time you want. Heres what the package contains Ive found the best way to learn important information is to do more than just read it. By combining both the reading material and then listening to a specially designed set of lectures you can enhance the benefit from the original program. With the Audio Course you can listen to all the important points, theories, principles and ideas that make up the Carne Method whenever you want. Listening to an extension of the program presented with passion is the perfect companion to the literature. Just a few of the topic extensions discussed in the Audio CDs are; * The fundamental scientific principle that will hugely boost your learning curve leaving other acting students standing still. * A few Audition techniques that will make you really stand out from the crowd, doubling or tripling your chances of success. * Why a sterile class environment can stall your creativity. * Opening up your awareness to the situational intricacies of a characters behavior. * The hidden acting truths to be found by observing very young children. * Why a bare room and an audience is romantic but rarely practical and often detrimental to your acting. * How to find the best agent for you! * The extremely simple reason why some actors succeed and others fail and it has NOTHING to do with raw talent! A look at some established basics of conventional acting technique. I am now offering a digital version of the FULL COURSE! This includes everything!! The package is available to you right now for immediate download!! The price for the FULL Digital version of the course is; To Order the Digital Version simply click below. 1) The audio is absolutely fine, because it is only a voice and no music, the quality is as good as the CD’s. 2) The Digital Version will run on any computer that can run an .exe file.. I see you have a CD Rom offering now ($99.50). I think that is quite the steal! I am extremely happy and excited to be going through this course for the $200 price I paid .. I hope others take advantage of this course. I can’t wait to get through the rest of it! Dave USA 2003. If you have any questions please feel free to E-Mail!
Home Acting Course

The Home Acting Course gives a complete foundation for acting, from home. This method, based in human interaction, offers a platform upon which an actor may evolve their own unique way of working.

The Home Acting Course Provides Actors With A Solid Foundation Upon Which To Build Their Own Unique Style Of Acting. An Extensive Course Consisting Of Literature & Audio Components That Puts You In Control Over Your Acting Potential!

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