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Get the Good Guy Guide Now Dating Advice for Men Who Love Women

Did you know that women are actually consistentin their dating behavior?And that if a woman is even a little bitattracted to you when she first meets you, your behavior is what determines where things go from there (not your bank account, resume stats, body, etc.)?In fact, there’s a four-letter word that shows youexactlywhat to do and exactly what not to do at all times to make her want you: If you do what it says, she’s yours…if you don’t, you’ll drive her away guaranteed.We’ll get to that in just a second…First, I want to tell you about my friend Steve.I first met Steve at a conference in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska…"Excuse me, can I talk to you for a second?" He asked me…"I hear that you teach guys about dating and relationships…is that true?""Yes, that’s what I do…""Well, I’m hoping you might be able to help me…"Then Steve started telling me a little bit more about his background:He told me that a couple of years before I met him, when he was 25, he had a huge crush on this amazing girl named Vanessa…According to Steve, she’s a dental hygienist and also volunteers her time at a summer camp for kids with cancer every summer. And, she’s Sexy, Smart, Fun, and Caring.So, I can understand exactly why he liked her…And, after being friends with her formonths, one daySteve finally got up the courage to tell her that he liked her…I’m sorry Steve…Youre such a great guy but I just don’t see you that way. Don’t worry though, I’m sure youll make some lucky woman very happy some day.Clearly, Steve was firmly in the friend zone…"Listen man, I’m a decent-looking, fairly normal guy with a good, steady job…and I really don’t have much trouble making friends with women or men…I just don’t seem to be able to spark ATTRACTION in women or make that SEXUAL connection with women that I want to make with certain women," Steve continued.I could see the frustration in his face…"Also, my experiences with women are all over the map:Sometimes, women banish me to the friend zone right away, almost as if I have a ‘let’s just be friends’ sign posted to my forehead…Other times they just STOP RESPONDING TO MY TEXTS without ever explaining why…And, every once in a while, a girl actually agrees to go out with me. Then, once we go on a couple of dates and I start thinking things are going really well with her, all of a sudden she DISAPPEARS on me without explanation…And, I even managed to get one[…]
Get the Good Guy Guide Now — Dating Advice for Men Who Love Women

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