How To Incorporate Yourself For Free

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How To Incorporate Yourself For Free

How to $500 … $1,000 … $1,500 in Lawyer Fees by Incorporating Your Small Business or Self-Employment Activity All By Yourself . . . For ! just how easy it is to form a corporation in state For Do-It-Yourself Small Business Owners and Self-Employed People who don’t want to pay someone else to do paperwork they can figure out on their own . . . “I’ve been looking at various incorporation options for a long time, and Wayne’s book not only makes what was a murky subject crystal clear….it also shows how I can do everything I need to do to form a corporation for pennies on the dollar! I like this book for that reason. If you like to pay top dollar for everything, them maybe this isn’t the book for you. But…if you’re like most entrepreneurs I know (including more than a few millionaires)…then this is exactly the kind of book you’ll love!” From the Desk of Wayne M. Davies Did you recently decide to do what youve always wanted to do start your own business but you want to do it right by incorporating first? Or have you been a small business owner (or self-employed person) for a while but figure its time to protect yourself, your family, and all your hard-earned assets by forming a corporation? We all know just how lawsuit-happy this country is. Yes, as the December 15, 2003 issue of Newsweek puts it, we are living in . . . . . . Lawsuit Hell . . . where the fear of litigation is indeed paralyzing our professions. Business Owners and Self-Employed People have known about Lawsuit Hell for years, and thats why forming a corporation is one of the best things you can do to avoid the potential catastrophe of a business-ending lawsuit from some wacko customer who spills some of YOUR coffee in his lap and decides thats reason enough to milk YOUR bank account for all its worth. No doubt about it — The United States of America, the greatest country on earth, has become The Litigation Nation. And if youre running a business of any size (even a one-person, home-based, part-time business) you need to utilize the protection a corporation can provide. What the rich and famous fat cats have been doing for decades, the middle-class, unknown entrepreneur needs, too. But when youre just starting out, or even if youve been in business for a while, the cost of incorporating can scare you away . . . the lawyer fees alone can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And all that paperwork! Is it really worth forming a corporation if you have to wade through a mountain of time-consuming government-issued forms? Well, Im here to tell you that incorporating your small business or self-employment activity does NOT have to be nearly as costly or as complicated as you may think. First, lets talk about the cost . . . Yes, there are state filing fees. And they vary from state to state. But some states only charge $50 or $100 for you to incorporate. $100 bucks! That is hardly a lot of money when you consider the asset protection and tax savings you get in return. But theres a much larger expense by far, the biggest cost you face in the incorporation process is the legal fees. If you hire a lawyer to take care of the paperwork, yes, the cost will likely be at least $500 . . . $1,000 . . . 1,500 . . . or more! And that is a lot of money, no doubt about it. Now let’s talk about the paperwork . . . Yes, you do have to submit very specific information on forms prescribed by your states incorporation department but Im here to tell you, it aint nearly as time-consuming and difficult as you may have been led to believe. In fact, when it comes to both so-called obstacles to incorporating (the legal fees and the complicated paperwork), Ive put together easy-to-read, simple-to-follow instructions that enable any small biz owner to . . . . All By Yourself . . . For Free! Ive written the ultimate guide to forming a corporation . . . without paying thousands of dollars in lawyer fees . . . and without spending hours and hours struggling with mind-numbing government forms. How To Incorporate Yourself For Free One of the most frustrating things is to “know” that you should do something, like incorporate to take advantage of limited liability, but you either don’t have the time to research “what to do” or you don’t have the money to pay someone to do it for you. Wayne is providing the perfect step-by-step solution to that problem. I am recommending this book to everyone in my network marketing businesses and to anyone who wants to protect their future. Wayne, thank you for saving me thousands and making my family more secure. Make no mistake, this is . . . I spell it out for you in easy-to-follow language that anyone can understand. No technical gobbledy-gook, no legal mumbo jumbo. Youll read it and youll know what to do. Period. End the confusion about what it means to incorporate. Stop being frustrated by the complicated legal-ese you find in many how-to-incorporate books. Do not be misled by those who say how difficult it is to form a corporation. If youve heard how hard it is to incorporate Well, my friend, you heard wrong! It just isnt that difficult, believe me. What a timesaver! You’ve saved me hours of frustration. I tried doing some searches to find out how to incorporate in Tennessee, and I got lost and confused. You’ve put all the information and links that I need in one place. Clear and simple. Within minutes, I was able to download all the forms I needed. For anyone whose time is valuable, this book is a great buy. In Any U.S. State It doesnt matter where you live as long as you live in one of the 50 United States (as well as the District of Columbia), — Im going to show you exactly how to form a corporation in every state in the country. I show you exactly where to get the forms you need to incorporate and these forms are not going to cost you one cent! Thats right I not only explain how to incorporate, but I also show you where and how to obtain all the necessary paperwork at no charge whatsoever. Yes, when you submit the incorporation paperwork, you do have to pay a state filing fee. There is no way to avoid that. But the forms themselves are free. Wayne, Congratulations, you’ve done it again! How To Incorporate Yourself For Free is an incredibly well researched, easy to read, truly simplified, step by step guide that any type of small business owner or prospective owner who is considering the self incorporation route should definitely get their hands on. Excellent Job! PS. The state-by-statefree resource links are like icing on the cake, saving the reader untoldhours of potentially frustrating research time. You dont have to pay a lawyer hundreds or thousands of dollars to file the paperwork for you. You can do it yourself. After you read my guide and see how easy it is, youll be amazed that lawyers charge as much as they do for this service. If you’ve ever thought seriously about incorporating your business, you need this book. Wayne’s step-by-step, friendly directions will give you the confidence you need to do the job yourself and to do it right. The instructions are very clear and thorough. Wayne addresses each concern that might come up during the process. In my experience, even attorneys do not always go into that much depth when talking with a client. After reading this book I feel that I have the knowledge to incorporate a business myself.– Jenny Dunham If you are a do-it-yourself-er then youll love this guide! If you prepare your own income tax return then forming a corporation will be a piece of cake! I guarantee it. Forming a corporation is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for yourself, your business, and your family. Youll protect your personal assets from lawsuits and youll save thousands in taxes. Maybe you already knew that but have been putting it off because of those obstacles I mentioned earlier the cost and the complexity. Well, with my guide in your hands, youll finally be able to overcome those obstacles you wont have to pay a lawyer a small fortune and youll have my simple step-by-step instructions to guide you. “Wow! Another great book from Wayne Davies, who’s become my personal tax expert! I’ve been considering incorporating for some time now and after reading Wayne’s latest ebook, I’m ready to get started! Thanks, Wayne!” Obviously, since my ebook is going to save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars, the kind of information found in this guide is worth several hundred dollars minimum. But thats not what Im going to charge you for it. Ive decided to release How To Incorporate Yourself For Free at the low introductory price of only $37. Assuming that you could find a lawyer to do the incorporation paperwork for $500, with my help youll be able to take care of it for a fraction of that cost in fact, youll come out over $400 ahead. Think about it youll save over 400 bucks by incorporating yourself! In some areas, lawyers charge even more — $700, $800, $900, even $1,000 or more. Instead of paying $1,000 youll spend les than 5% of what the lawyer would charge you. You see why this ebook is a bargain at this price? Youll save hundreds of dollars and still be able to benefit from all the advantages of incorporating. So, go ahead and order right now, and youll have my ebook in your hands within minutes. Just Click Here to order “How To Incorporate Yourself For Free.” For less than the cost of dinner for two, I can be on the way to incorporating my business. I would have had to research hours to find the information and resources needed to incorporate, but saved a lot of time (and money) just reading this book. It’s written like he’s talking to ME with all the steps and links to the paperwork laid out. This book does what he says it will do, it’s in plain English, covers every state, and I now have the confidence to do this myself. As an added bonus, I have assembled these special resources to help you de-mystify the incorporation process: BONUS #1 — How To Form A Limited Liability Company (LLC) In Any State Perhaps youve heard about the Limited Liability Company, aka the LLC. As the name implies, the LLC is very similar to a corporation in that it, too, provides limited liability and asset protection to the owners. And many of the same tax advantages available to the corporation are also available to the LLC. So, if youve been thinking about forming an LLC, you came to the right place! Ive included a special section in How To Incorporate Yourself for Free on how to form an LLC in all 50 states that way, regardless of which entity is best for you, youll find the resources you need to get it started right. While I’ve vacillated for some time on whether or not to incorporate our 14-year-old distribution business, I’ve known that an LLC is best for us for some time.Armed with that knowledge, yourebook was the missing piece of the puzzle that we needed to go forward, and we will now! I’ll be back for tax help before long. Congratulations. BONUS #2 — How To Avoid A Ton of Paperwork by Eliminating Corporate Formalities After you incorporate, there are any number of very specific procedures you must follow to act like a corporation. If you fail to follow these so-called corporate formalities, you run the risk of having your corporation dismantled by the IRS or the court system and youll lose the protection you thought you had all along. Many states have a little-known procedure that allows you to legally avoid these corporate formalities, saving you lots of paperwork and other bureaucratic headaches. As an added bonus, I reveal this obscure time-saver in my ebook. BONUS #3 — How To Handle The Tax Man Without Breaking Into A Sweat Once you form a corporation or LLC, your business has several new tax requirements that you better take care of! Forming a corporation will protect your assets and reduce your tax bill, but youve got to know what tax forms to file so that you dont run afoul of the government. In one easy-to-use checklist, I give you the whole scoop on what youve got to do tax-wise, now that youve incorporated. If you tried to track down all the info in this checklist on your own, you would spend hours sorting it all out. I give you all this valuable info in one place, in Plain English, so you know exactly what to do tax-wise to keep the government off your back and out of your life. BONUS #4 — Low-Cost Alternatives To Incorporating By Yourself For Free Let’s face it, not everyone likes paperwork. And that’s basically what incorporating by yourself is all about — filling out government forms. Well, even if paperwork ain’t your cup of tea, this ebook can still save you a bundle, because I reveal how to slash the cost of incorporation by hundreds of dollars via low-cost alternatives to the “do-it-yourself” approach that still won’t cost an arm and a leg! Every month you’ll get timely tax-saving tips and tricks — written specifically for the Small Biz Owner / Self-Employed Person — delivered right to your inbox, absolutely free! As a new subscriber, you’ll automatically have access to dozens of tax-slashing strategies revealed in these 3 Special Reports: “How To Instantly Double Your Deductions and Slash Your Taxes To The Bone”, “How To Save Thousands in Taxes by Owning a Small Business”, and “How to Procrastinate Your Way To An Audit-Proof Tax Return.” These 5 bonuses are yours, provided you order How To Incorporate Yourself For Free within the next 72 hours. Most Importantly, You Get My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee I just know that this material is SO GOOD, that once you’ve read it and see what I’m talking about you’re gonna be blown away! I want you to have absolutely NO RISK involved in this decision. So, take 90 days to read the ebook and the bonuses. Go ahead and see how easy it is to incorporate your business or self-employment activity. Within 90 days, if you’re not happy with the ebook or the bonuses for any reason (or no reason), simply request a refund and it’s yours! No hassle, no “weasel clauses”, no pressure to change your mind. Hey, if you don’t like it, I don’t want you to have it! Click Here for an instant download of the ebook. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the ebook immediately. NOW to download your copy! It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is! Still undecided? Still not sure if incorporating is worth it? Please consider this: Sure, maybe youll never get sued. And what if your liability insurance doesnt provide enough protection, and youve got to deplete your retirement account to pay off the plaintiff. Or maybe the judge says youve got to use those funds youve been saving for your childrens college education to settle the lawsuit. Sure, maybe youll never get sued. But if you do, and you lose, youll be kicking yourself for not incorporating when you had the opportunity to do so. Youve got that opportunity right now. The risk of NOT incorporating is much greater than the risk of incorporating, dont you think? And how about the tax savings? Yes, incorporating is the #1 tax reduction strategy of the rich and famous and it is the #1 tax reduction strategy of the middle-class small business owner, too. There are many ways to slash your taxes without forming a corporation. But without a doubt, the tax reduction strategy that provides the biggest bang for your buck is incorporating. Ive helped hundreds of small biz owners save thousands in taxes from this one technique alone. If you are unsure about the benefits of incorporating, please ask yourself this simple question: What is the cost of NOT forming a corporation? The cost of not incorporating is infinitely greater than the cost of incorporating: you face the risk of losing it all in a business-ending lawsuit, and you are giving away thousands of dollars to Uncle Sam every year in missed tax savings. Youve read this far dont put it off any longer! I look forward to hearing from you soon. “Wayne, I’ve read your other e-books, and after your latest one, I feel as if I’ve now acquired the PHD in TAXES! I never really grasped the tax laws before. Since I began reading your books, I’ve gained so much confidence through all the knowledge I’ve acquired. You’ve given us truly the ultimate guide for the small business owner. A special thanks to you for eliminating the daunting task to find the information we need…and explaining how to work with it to our benefit. This is THE resource to enable anyone to accomplish the task of incorporating. And the price is a steal! You are saving us thousands of $$$ and countless hours of frustration.” P.S. Here’s what you get for the incredibly low introductory price: my new ebook, “How To Incorporate Yourself For Free, plus these 5 bonuses if you order within 72 hours: How To Form An LLC In Any State, How To Avoid A Ton of Paperwork By Eliminating Corporate Formalities How To Handle The Tax Man Without Breaking Into A Sweat, “Low-Cost Alternatives To Incorporating By Yourself”, and a 1-year subscription to my Small Business Tax Newsletter.
How To Incorporate Yourself For Free

How any small business owner or self employed person can
save thousands on business taxes with little known business tax deductions

How To Form A Corporation Without Paying A Dime In Lawyer Fees

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