How To Make Gourmet Chocolate Truffles

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The Truffle Factory

No experience is necessary we teach you everything!Do you want to know what ingredients can be added to thin down chocolate for a smooth and just right decorating finish? We will tell you.Learn what common kitchen tool you can use to make great looking truffles and other tools that can be used (and where to get them).Teaching videos give full instructions and tips on how to form and decorate the truffle balls.You too can learn how to make these awesome looking & delicious tasting truffles. With our hands on teaching training videos. Its like having your very own private chef giving you culinary lessons in your kitchen![…]
The Truffle Factory

Learn The Art Of Making Professional Looking Gourmet Chocolate Truffles! Step-by-step Recipe & Instructional Videos Teach How To Make, Roll, Dip And Decorate Your Own Homemade Chocolates. Easy, Fun, And Delicious. Yum!

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