How To Unleash Your Most Awesome Self

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A Dose of Positive – Light up your thoughts, Light up Your Life

Never in a million years did I see myself getting into the whole self-help/personal development deal…but there I was, hunting down every book and resource available…not to mention digging through different online forums to find other folks like me.So in my quest for knowledge, I met a group of incredible folks who were in the same boat as I was.I fell into that rabbit hole for weeks on end, and it felt like time stood still during that period in my life.But when my soul-searching sabbatical ended, I wasnt the same person anymore – but I mean that in a very good way.You see, not only did I learn tons of new and life-changing insights about myself and the world around me…I also formed an incredible connection with people who understood and LIVED through the same pain I had.These were people who were way more successful and established in their fields than I could ever hope to be. On the surface, they made six and even seven figures a month, traveled around the world, and lived incredible lives.But like me, they too had the same emptiness and despair that gnawed away at them.This blew my mind.Looking back, it was silly of me to assume that successful-looking people dont have their own struggles.But being in the dark as I was, I lacked the perspective to see that.In any case, this took everything I knew about how the world worked, and turned it on its head.As it turned out, they also felt like they were living a mediocre version of themselves. They knew deep in their heart that they should be doing something MORE.There was a part of them longing to be free.And for the next twelve months or so, I slowly but surely came up with a method to break away from this internal crisis I had.Using the knowledge and mind-blowing insights that I gleaned from my research – along with the hundreds of interviews I did with my newfound friends……I figured out a way to Unleash My Most Awesome Self.The great thing was that I still stayed true to who I was.If anything, I got to know the REAL me, more than ever. I realized my authentic (and totally awesome) self was buried under a ton of doubt, fear, insecurity, and beliefs.So after I made a subtle but powerful shift in my state of mind…my outdated ideas of what I could and couldnt do crumbled away into nothing.Then I took this method I put together and shared it with my friends as my way of saying thank you to all of them.I was grateful to have found these extraordinary people and hoped what I learned could give them so[…]
A Dose of Positive – Light up your thoughts, Light up Your Life

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