Hydroactive Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

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Electrons in food give you the fuel for every physical process.Its no wonder Hydrogen is what fuels rocket ships to break gravity!That same power is deep within your cells burning to create energy + water.Hydrogen is produced at great expense in our bodies. Now there’s an easy way.This medical scientific breakthrough is the evolution of natural medicine!HydroActive Molecular Hydrogen Tablets instantly dissolve upto 5 PPM (parts-per-million) which 400 trillion molecules of H2 in an open or container of water or other beverage.[…]

Hydrogen Supplementation Is The Biggest Discovery For Natural Sports, Performance Enhancement, And Optimal Health. Each Tablet Dissolved In Water Gives You 4mg Or 400 Trillion Molecules Of H2, The Most Powerful Antioxidant In Nature And Precursor Of Atp.

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