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SEO software, SEO Company Feeder, a software that not only helps you to find clients for your SEO, but also helps you to manage your clientele. SEO Company Feeder carries 3 databases. The software goes out to the web, to some directories, to find web sites, based upon their basic OnPage SEO issues. You can append the new results. The first database keeps these results and their basic meta tags analysis. You can send the sites of your choice to your permanent database and perform a deeper analysis upon them. You can turn these sites into clients’ ones, by sending them to your clients database. You also can add sites manually. You also access a basic OffPage SEO analysis of each site. A deleted clients database is a rescue database.

The Internet Marketing And SEO Softwares We Develop Are Designed For Your Success. We Are Web And Software Designers, SEO And Internet Marketers. We Develop Softwares That Are On Demand. These Softwares Are Based On Our 15 Years Experience And Practice.

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