Iphone Battery Life Guide – 500 Million+ In Use – Fix User Pain

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CB Battery Book

OK, so we need to tell you that this isn’t some short, flimsy and thrown together report.This guide is 80 pages of detailed information, so you know that every possible cause of your battery problem is covered. No exceptions.The advice is completely up to date (including iOS 9) and has been compiled and checked by our editors working with very experienced Apple experts.This reference manual contains no fluff or irrelevance. It’s comprehensive and detailed so that once you’ve read it you’ll understand exactly how your iPhone uses its resources and you’ll have the answer to your battery draining issue – no matter what it is!There isn’t a paragraph in the guide that is surplus to your knowledge. If you need to know it, it’s in there, if you don’t, it isn’t.We’ve worked hard to make the guide fun and engaging to read and simple to follow. Anyone can understand the guide from start to finish and we guarantee you won’t be bored.We’ve tested all the advice with all sorts of iPhone users, those who are experienced and with people who have never used an iPhone before, to make sure that all the advice is clear and easy to implement.Each of the 31 specific main sections (and sub-sections) can also be read and implemented one-by-one. Or you can read the guide as a whole to obtain the best overall picture of how battery use is managed by your iPhone.This guide covers every element that affects battery performance. It’s the only way to be sure that this eBook is the only reference any iPhone user will need. If there’s a known cause of battery drain for an iPhone, we cover it in our eBook so that reading it will make days when you run out of battery a thing of the past….forever!’Double Your iPhone Battery Life’ is an instant digital download. It comes as a PDF but in the download you’ll also receive the full guide in ePub and .Mobi formats.You can read it on any computer, and you can print it out. You can also read it on any Kindle, Nook or other e-reader and, perhaps best of all, you can read it in iBooks on your iPhone and iPad so that you have it always on hand to dip into and check just when you need it the most.[…]
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Over 500 Million Iphones Are In Use Worldwide. 100 Million Sold In The US Alone. The Number 1 Problem Of All Iphone Users Is Running Out Of Battery. This Ebook Guide Is The Total Fix. 80 Pages Of Apple Iphone Expert Advice. $5 Monthly Subscription Upsell.

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