Iq Baby – Improve The Iq Of Your Future Baby

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IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

"You must know and take control over the environmental factors that determine the intelligence quotient (IQ) and the emotional intelligence of your child. You can take action to improve it!" Are you a responsible parent that wants your child to be intelligent, healthy, happy and successful in life? If your answer is "yes" then this will be the most important website you will ever read. Let us show you how you can make all the differences for your baby, from conception to school. The intelligence of a child is the result of several independent abilities, which are combined to contribute to his overall performance as an individual. Heritability measures how much of that IQ variation is caused by genetics. Various studies, including an authoritative American Psychological Association report, have found the heritability of IQ to be between 0.6 and 0.8 in adults and 0.45 in childhood in the United States [1][2][3][4]. So, you could get 60% of your intelligence from your parents’ genes and the other 40% from environmental influences in your formative years that may also contain the direct influences from your parents. The intelligence (IQ) of a child begins before birth, with the education of the parents This book is really only for those parents who want to make an extra effort on behalf of their children and who believe that their children are one of the highest priorities in life. Highly intelligent babies can be and have been born to parents that are of average intelligence, under favorable circumstances and environments. Many different experimental studies conducted successfully look at the biological, psychological, and emotional development of children. Babies born to moms who had received prenatal enrichment courses in parenting skills, nutrition, pre-birth stimulation and early stimulation were compared with those who did not receive any in-put, and the results showed up to 15 points difference in the babies IQs. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR BABY’S DESTINY FOR EVER… In order to improve the IQ in a baby, parents must know how they can positively influence each step in the development of the baby’s brain, even from conception, until the school age. By knowing and understanding the genetic and environmental factors involved in the conception and the development of the baby’s brain, as well as the understanding of how nutrition and the appropriate techniques for stimulation can positively influence your baby. Parents will be able to improve […]
IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

Improve the intelligence quotient or IQ of your future baby. Facts and tips to improve the general and emotional intelligence of your Child, from the conception to the school. Take control over the environmental factors what determine the IQ in your child

Parents Need To Know How To Influence And Stimulate In Each Step Of Baby Brain Development. This Book Teaches You Facts And Tips To Improve Your Child Iq.

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