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For those of you who dont know me, my name is Mike Casavant and I am 32-year-old Strength & Conditioning coach based out of Boston, Massachusetts. I have been in this racket for the last 6 years, and solely working with Masters athletes over the last 2 years.The reason I started focusing on the Masters division is pretty simple.Dont get me wrong, Ive trained a ton of younger maniacs that still, to this day, blow my mind with their abilities. But, its a different drive that I see in Masters athletes that gets me up in the morning.Just about everywhere I looked for Masters Specific training brought me to one dead end after another and I vowed that I would lead, mold, and create a platform for the Masters division that was unlike anything seen before.Which brings us and you to this page.How would you like an expert coach for EVERY facet of your training?Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Mobilization, Nutrition, Strongman and Conditioning experts at your disposalThe programs like the triangle above will dictate how youll move through the program depending on the goal of the actual program. Each phase will have a more focused approach but will always hover around these four training protocols.The key here is to find the magical balance where youre getting stronger while increasing your work capacity AND moving proficiently through skills and gymnastic work.Even though we are running a progressive strength protocol, weve found a way to combine everything youd need to continue the evolution of your competitive endeavors, without having to be in the gym for endless hours.Do it all in a well thought out programThe programs are built around the idea of working up to a number and then doing sets based on a percentage of whatever you max number you hit. So, if you were working up to an 8rm you may work off of 75% of that 8rm for working sets etc.Youll be working skills & mobilization just about every day, gymnastics prep on alternating days, heavy Olympic focus along with Powerlifting integrations.You will be squatting a few times a week. The king of all lifts and one that most always need work on is cycled in a few times a week along with other Squat variations (tempo/speed) If youre not developing speed and executing technique in your Olympic Lifts, Squat variations and Pull variations, youre doing yourself a disservice. These NEED to be addressed and built upon so when its go-time, youre ready to rip the heads off of anyone in your path. You will b[…]
Start Here | Iron Force Athletics

Online Programming For Masters Athletes Looking To Compete In Games, Regionals, Opens, Or Just Looking For Masters Specific General Programming. Access To Expert Coaching In Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Mobilization, Nutrition, Strongman And Conditioning.

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