Italy Revealed: The Ultimate Insider Lifestyle Hacks

Italy Revealed: The Ultimate Insider Lifestyle Hacks preview. Click for more details

Italy Revealed

Ciao, Im an American and have lived in Rome, Italy for more than 15 years. I was born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas and experienced the crazy lifestyle of New York, NY. Recently Ive done my DNA test, which was incredibly exciting. My roots span across Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, the UK and Ireland. Im also 1.4% Indian.Some of the things I enjoy include organizing dinner parties with my friends, nature walks, meditation and yoga, hiking, reading books and anything that inspires me to grow and expand. I have a wonderful daughter named Greta and a rambunctious dog named Romolo. They both keep me on my toes.This incredibly useful eBook is a natural culmination and refinement of my advice on life here that highlights some of my essential hacks.[…]
Italy Revealed – GrapefruitsandIrony

Grapefruits and Irony Italian lifestyle blog. This blog will highlight lifestyle hacks, travel books and all things that I love about Italy and perhaps some things that I absolutely hate!

This Ebook Is A Result Of Over 15 Years Of Experience Living In Italy And Gives Exclusive Insight On How To Integrate Into The Culture Whether On Vacation Or Moving To Italy For Longer Periods Of Time.

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