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Keyboard Warrior

Are you looking for a way to spend way less time on a computer, but still get the same done?If you want to live a life with amounts of free time that before today you couldn’t have dreamt of, then lock the door, turn off your phone, shut down the Facebook tab, and STUDY this letter – it WILL change your life.But there’s more to it than just more free time. It’s going to be better quality too.Not just better free time, better work time too. No longer will it be a tense, stressful day at that workstation. Oh no.From today onwards, it’s going to be a calm Buddhist kind of work day.Both your home and work life are about to get changed forever. I hope you’re ready.Right now, computers are on a huge mission to conquer the world. Aren’t they? You type documents, you send emails, you work on spreadsheets.We’re on computers all the time.There’s no escape. They’re irreplaceable and part of our lives, and we’re more addicted to them than we’ll admit.They’re the most powerful productive tools in the history of man, and this is great. But there are problems. You know it and I know it.The media just say they’re killing us. They might even make you panic. But they give you NO detail and they give you NO answers.So let’s sort that out. The BIGGEST problem is they are stealing all of your time.This time, outside of work, WAS MEANT to be for you. For your family. For your freedom. Well right now, this idea is DEAD.Instead, you’ve got a boss breathing down your neck. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All thanks to a little thing called email.Thanks to email you’re restless, you’re stressed and you’re under pressure at work AND at home!It’s scandalous that anyone can be expected to put up with this. It wasn’t always like this so why is it now?It’s scandalous that you have no time, AND it’s unhealthy. But NOBODY thought to tell you this. They just expect you to "get on with it"!Bosses want to squeeze more and more out of you every single day. It’s the big trend of the age. And it’s not going away.Deadlines have become so tightthat really they should be called wishful thinking. Emails and phones make you so available that you can’t get away from it all when you should be totally able to shut it out, if you want.I’m sorry, but this is just going to get WORSE.You know how these ridiculous bosses work. They just WALTZ into your life and demand miracles from you. Almost like you’re Jesus.What'[s worst is, you’ll get no advanced warning, no time and no help. It’s[…]
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Brand New CB Product. Very High $ Per Sale For This Niche. The Product Teaches Touch-typing To Adults. A Huge Potential Market To Promote To With Special Desirability Since Everyone Wants To Do Things Faster These Days. Especially On Computers.

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