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Flexible Group Course Information

Once you subscribe, a member from our team will reach out to you within 1-2 business days via phone or email to welcome you to Coderversity, and send you a Developers Checklist.The Developers Checklist is a list of important tools, tutorials from other vendors, and other supporting information that will prepare you for the upcoming course. Although it is not mandatory to complete everything on the checklist, it is highly recommended so that you can hit the ground running.Approximately a week before the course begins, you will receive log-in credentials to the virtual classroom. Be sure to keep these in a safe place we recommend saving it to your Favorites in your browser so that you will never lose them.[…]
Flexible Group Course Information

Upcoming coding group courses online.

Coderversity Is An Intensive Programming Bootcamp Program Where You Can Learn The Design And Architecture Techniques That Are Necessary To Become A Successful Software, Web, Or Mobile Developer. Courses Are Affordable, Starting At $99/month.

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