Legendary Potency -forbidden Secrets Of The Most Potent Men In History

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Legendary Potency

Page 184 – The little known plant used to treat sexual dysfunction since ancient Greece that you’ll never see sold because it’s too cheap even though studies conducted at the University of Singapore and others have shown men who take it get more frequent erections, higher volumes of ejaculate, improved muscle density, and a 23% boost in lean body mass with no side effects in just 8 weeks!Page 165 – The food Alexander the Great is said to have included in his soldiers diets to increase their courage and physical endurance. (Muhammad Ali was also a big fan of this & consumed it regularly as part of a special strength boosting formula prepared by his trainer).Page 197 – The long forgotten flower manufactured into wafers by American Mormons in the 19th century & sold to their polygamous brethren so they could please their many wives. (It was originally used by the ancient Mayans & Aztecs as a sexual stimulant and has recently been clinically shown to counteract testicular atrophy).Page 170 – Which little known white nut (which you’ve probably never bought yet is found in small jars in most supermarkets) was proscribed thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean for men who wanted to restore their sexual vigor. (It’s rich in a substance revealed in a 1996 study to double testosterone in senior men).Page 71 – How to identify & eliminate the 15 toxic virility apocalypse chemical food additives sapping your masculinity one of the top root causes of declining testosterone and sperm counts in modern males. (If you’ve never heard of acrylamide, organochlorides, or polychlorinated biphenyls you need to see this ASAP).Page 111 – The large fruit native to Mexico & the Caribbean considered so sexually potent by native tribes that only men were permitted to eat it. (You’ve most likely never even seen this before but I’ll teach you exactly how to find it).Page 118 – Which now common dried fruit used to be served in Elizabethan brothels during the 16th century because it was thought to increase lust (it was so taboo to eat this for centuries that when rumors went around in the 1930s that it was an ingredient in Dr. Pepper, the soft drink company launched a whole marketing campaign to dispute them).Page 171 – Which nut was recently shown to significantly lower ED symptoms & boost overall sexual satisfaction in just 3 weeks of daily consumption (the scientists actually used men with ED for their study).Page 205 – The only root vegetable recommended i[…]
Legendary Potency

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