Littlebig You: Find The Awesome Confidence Deep Inside You

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littleBIG You | Discover the AWESOME confidence within you

How do I know? Because I lived like that most of my life and have only recently discovered how crippling that fear was.Lack of confidence in oneself is the leading reason why you havent accomplished what you want in life. Lack of confidence will generate fear. And that fear is holding you back in more ways than you ever thought possible.If you look at yourself and feel shame, guilt, despair, humiliation, anxiety, depression or anything that isnt positive then it is probably an indication youve got a MAJOR self-image problem. And I bet its something that has kept you from doing a lot of things with your life mainly living it!Was it today? Last week? Last month? Last year? Or was it so far back you can remember playing on the playground and winning a game of handball?Let me ask you something: When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt truly happy about who was looking back at you?Hi, Im George Scott. I used to be like many of you. I used to live under a rock well not literally, but it sure felt like it sometimes. All my life I felt like I wasnt worth it. Like I didnt deserve things that I wanted. I wasnt good enough to do or be something. And it was terrible!My entire life I felt like a turtle hiding in its shell. I would peak my head out once in awhile but then scurry back in. And you know what? I was even too ashamed to admit it to anyone. I was a major introvert.I can tell you that it was painfully obvious to everyone who saw me. I mostly kept to myself. I wouldnt make eye contact when talking to people: friends, family, co-workers, bystanders. They would see my nervous smile, my stooped posture and would know instantly that I was a recluse.I felt like everyone was above me, like life was so easy for them, so why not me? I can guarantee you this: I made life harder for myself.Thats right me. Not my boss. Not the guy who gave me a strange look at the bus stop. Not any of the hundreds of people Id pass by throughout the day. Just me.But my boss is too hard on me, my landlord keeps threatening to evict me, the bus splashed mud all over my pants, my nose is too big, and the world is out to get me!When I was a kid I got bullied. I never got a promotion at any of my jobs. And I was too terrified to talk to girls until my early twenties! I was pathetic.I felt like people were laughing at my appearance, mocking my stutter, and generally putting me down. Like the whole world was judging me. It made me feel little. So I sulked and hid as much as I cou[…]
littleBIG You | Discover the AWESOME confidence within you

Littlebig You Can Transform Your Life By Helping You Gain Great Self-esteem And A Never Ending Supply Of Confidence. What Would You Do If You Truly Believed You Were Good Enough For Anything? The Possibilities Are Endless!

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