Make Some Noise – 12 Week Beginner Guitar Course

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What is that voice saying?You ARE TOO OLD for this!Your ADHD IS NOT going to not let you do this!You’ll be OVERWHELMED and QUIT, BEFORE you EVEN start!It’s MY or MY CHILD’S AUTISM that won’t let me/them do this!I just don’t have "THE TIME".Pleaseinternalize the fact that I HAVE TAUGHT STUDENTS WHO HAVE CONFRONTED EVERY ONE OF THESE ISSUES.REMEMBER, IT’S OK TO SUCK AT FIRST, I DID TOO! THIS IS THE NATURAL PROCESS OF LEARNING!We all have these voices in our heads that tell us why we shouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean we CAN’T. I subscribe to the way of thinking that author Steven Pressfield laid out in his book, "The War of Art", who says that this"Resistance" IS something we should listen to, and then do the opposite of.The reasons listed above are all viable in the eyes of the world. People will say, "That makes sense", "Don’t push yourself too hard". I have had many students with EVERY ONE OF THESE ISSUES and my students could have used them to say they can’t. But here’s the thing, THEY DID IT ANYWAY.[…]
Clickbank -Beginner Guitar Course- Sales Page

I Take Someone Who Knows Nothing About Guitar, And Teach What Guitar Is Right For Them, How To Play Notes, Chords, Songs, All With Diagrams & Downloads. This Course Is The Culmination Of 11 Years Of Teaching. Visit Affiliate Tools Url To See So Much More.

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