Mobility Ring

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Mobility Ring

To remove dysfunction and pain from your upper extremities, restore its function. It sounds like a platitude, but this simple statement reveals a truth about biomechanics still rare in the tness industry:Youre probably doing the opposite of what you should be doing, and youre doing so, because youve become very, very skilled at how you most often stand, sit and move.Restoring function happens in the opposite direction of the dysfunction, called Compensation. Like Scott B. Sonnons coining of the term joint mobility in the 1990s, the next phase of tness evolution will be heavily inuenced by his establishment of Compensation as a tness modality and Compensatory Movement as a method. To compensate for dysfunction, move in the opposite direction of the over-use and mis-use you have created.Its easier to create movements that load what youve been doing. Its simple to help you over-train, and strengthen your dysfunction. However, to unload what youre doing, requires an inversion of perspective: you have to consider the mirror-image of your behavioral patterns, and mentally, that is a challenge for everyone, because your brain, like your body, becomes shaped by what you repeatedly do. So, compensating for over-used and mis-used patterns, requires mental effort to use your brain in the opposite way that its shaped.Fortunately, the most famous dyslexic scientist in the tness industry, Scott B. Sonnon, has become a master at creating inverted solutions to conventional patterns.Coach Sonnon released his Mobility Ring in 2017 to compensate for your over-used and mis-used arms. As we will next discuss:[…]
Mobility Ring

Pain Free Mobility Revolution In Myofascial And Trigger Point Release, Stretching And Stress Recovery By Multiple Time World Grappling Champion And Special Operations Forces Performance Scientist

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