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Master Key

At the beginning and end of the film, the cameras pan to a little green book,The Science of Getting Richby Wallace Wattles. This is the bookThe Secret’s producer named when she was asked about it in the media, too.However, in one of our private interviews during filming in Chicago, my husband and I were chatting at lunch with her about the inspiration for the movie. I asked her which book had the most influence.We were surprised when she immediately blurted out,The Master Key Systemby Charles Haanel.I was not familiar with the book at the time, but immediately started searching everywhere for a copy. It was not easy, but I FINALLY found one.It was a 1920s edition from a small bookseller on Alibris. It cost me over $100, but with what I discovered inside, it was well worth it (you can find it now on Amazon, but back in 2005 it was out of print.)The Master Key Systemis a 24-week step-by-step Program that teaches you the underlying causes and effects that create real success.It provides countless solutions that help youmanifest what you truly desire- in your personal and professional life.It’s been said that "when you want something, theMaster Key Systemwill show you how to get it." I believe that 100%!It is truly anextraordinarybook.The only problem is it was originally written over a hundred years ago in 1912 and the language that was commonly used then is EXTREMELY difficult to follow if you just want to sit down and read it.The way language was structured over a century ago tends to jar the modern mind.So we totally revised the entire text so that it makes sense for the 21st century and now we’re giving it to you in the way Haanel originally intended… as a 24-week "correspondence course" delivered right to your inbox for only $1 for the first week!![…]
Master Key

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This Modern Translation Of A Success Classic Is A Great Fit For Any Success Minded Or Personal Development Seeking Individual. 3 Upsells In The Sytem Including Continuity Make It A Great Fit For Your Promotions.

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