Nature Photography Made Easy

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Nature Photography Made Easy

You have a passion for nature photography? You live in the city? Youre feeling very frustrated because you dont get the opportunities to pursue your hobby? All you need is some tips and encouragement and you can be that nature photographer that you have dreamt about! In just 4 months you can build up your own fantastic portfolio of nature photographs. I will send you weekly assignments, packed with tips, for the next 4 months to help you develop your nature photography skills. Plus, as an introductory offer, I am going to give the first 100 people a discount of 50%. Every day we see stunning nature photographs that make us city folk envious of those lucky wildlife photographers who get to pursue their passion every day. Like me, I am sure that you wish that it could be you. But here is the problem for most of us. We need our jobs to make a living, and it is not so easy to leave your family and home for extended periods of time while you chase after lions in Tanzania. So we have the camera equipment and we have a bookshelf full of magazines and books to refer to. What we dont have are nature photographs. Maybe you have some, but the camera is used more to snap pictures of junior (which is fine!) and the pet cat (a few pictures are more than enough). My aim is to get you to get you out the house and taking nature photographs that you will be proud of without abandoning your family and while keeping your job. Its going to require a big effort from you but we can do this together! I have to be honest with you. I am not going to try and turn you into an award winning nature photographer. This course is designed to give you some technical and subject knowledge along with heaps of encouragement. I want to get you taking those nature pictures that you dream of taking. Who knows, there may be some of you who gone on to becoming full-time nature photographs that win prestigious awards. That will be fantastic, but you have to get started and thats where I come in. Nature is all around us and so are photo opportunities. Right now there is a bedraggled looking Hadeda Ibis patrolling my lawn barely 5 metres away. It presents a great opportunity to get an image, not just a snap shot, but a nice pleasant image with some thought and planning put into it. Unfortunately I have put my equipment away as I am determined to get busy writing! I know that you are thinking that you cant find the time to do nature photography every week. One of my goals is to encourage you to find t[…]
Nature Photography Made Easy

Learn how to improve your nature and wildlife photographs in this weekly course.

An 18 Week Course, In PDF Format, Covering A Wide Variety Of Subjects Such As Photographing Mammals, Birds, Insects, Landscapes, Rivers And Much More.

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