New 2019! Team Ugly! Untapped Gold Mine In Dating Niche – 75% Comm!

New 2019! Team Ugly! Untapped Gold Mine In Dating Niche - 75% Comm! preview. Click for more details

Team Ugly

OKAY SO WE ARE FINALLY DONE COVERING WHAT THE T.U.S.S.Mp3 (The Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3) is DESIGNED to do for you!The T.U.S.S.Mp3 (The Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3) Is going to heal your life when it comes to women & dating more than any product you’ve ever bought from any company in the area of women and dating.Okay, so how much is it going to cost you to Join Team Ugly?Alright, so if I could PROMISE The T.U.S.S.Mp3 would do everything I’ve designed it to do, and PROMISE it will all happen during your Risk-Free Trial Period, then your initiation fee (membership fee) would be about 1-10 million dollars, and that’d be more than worth it right? Okay, but I’m not pricing over what I’ve DESIGNED The T.U.S.S.Mp3 to do, I’m pricing over what I can PROMISE you it will do…If you remember, I promised The T.U.S.S.Mp3 would heal your dating life MORE than any other dating product you’ve ever bought in your life. If you’re like me, then that’s literally THOUSANDS of dollars worth of dating products. (not including the $$$ I’ve spent on subliminal mp3’s alone) If you’ve been in the game, you know these things go from $200-$700 bucks for the good stuff, and around $70 bucks for the okay stuff… (dating/pua products)If this is going to do more for you than any other dating product ever has, and you’ve spent thousands on dating products throughout your life, then it would be fair for me to price this at thousands of dollars right???At first, that was my plan. I was going to set The Initiation Fee at $1,997 USD. I figure that’s obtainable to everyone who wants it, you may have to save up a bit for it, but once you’re in deep years state, you’ll see it was WAYYYYYYYYY more than worth the 2k. I’m not charging 2k to Join Team Ugly though…I’ve been trained to give AT LEAST TEN TIMES MORE than I get in return, AT LEAST. If I charged 2k to Join Team Ugly, I’d be giving WAY more than TEN TIMES what I’m getting back, but the thing is, it may not feel like it until you actually put in the time and get into ‘Deep Years State’ So I wanted to price this in a way where you would FEEL you got TEN TIMES MORE than you gave, RIGHT AWAY!So, I came up with a price…$197 dollars is the perfect price because, let’s see, the "top" dating products are $500.00-$700.00 dollars, and if I’m giving you MORE results than you would get using ALL of the ‘top’ dating products COMBINED, then $197.00 PROVES to be WAY more than 10x worth the Membership Fee (initiation fee)Okay[…]
Team Ugly – The Augustine Experiments

The Dating Niche Is Just Different People All Saying The Same Thing, And The Customers Have Caught On, And Have Had Enough! This Original Approach Is What The Community As A Whole Has Been Dying For, So Take Advantage, Because This Is The Future Of Pua.

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