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Photo Magick Rituals

CAUTION! First of all, make sure you are alone when you read this letter. There shouldnt be anyone else in the room, as no one must know of its existence. In just a second youll see why… All you need to do is find a comfortable position, preferably sitting up, in front of the computer, and read on. You are about to learn 60 Effective Occult Secrets That Can Bring Love, Wealth, and Influence!Are You Ready To Wash Away Your Worries And Welcome Love, Wealth, and Influence Into Your Life?Learn How To Use The Spiritual Power Of Photos In Your Own Home Or Place Of Work To Achieve Your Life Goals. Simple Home Rituals and Spells For Winning In Love & Money. Designed To Attract Someone Or Make Him or Her Go Away.Yes within the privacy of your own home, and unknown to others, you can perform simple but potent rituals and spells, which can change your fortunes forever.However crazy it may seem,the photos you take with your camera or smartphone can help you to make your desires come true!The answer is simple. Although the image stands as one of the most-used objects in the history of magick, the Photo Magick technique has been developed tremendously over the last hundred years.Not many practice it, but nobody has dared to write about it until now and that is because out of all the known techniques, the Photo Magick appears to work best at the moment.And it produces extraordinary effects some of us know for sure that Magick uses natural and cosmic energies to trigger the latent forces of the astral body, working upon its specific vibrations and upon the thoughts imbibed in it.Who or what could capture the specific energetic vibrations of a certain moment better than a photograph? Or the energy of the thoughts imbued in the astral body at that very moment? No one and no other object, but a photo…From the desk of: Psychic HastiAre you not tired of feelings of unhappiness, loneliness and rejection?Are you not tortured by the thought that nobody or almost nobody loves you or cares about you?Are you not annoyed by the idea that you didnt get that ideal job you always dreamed of?Or by the fruitless quest to find your soul mate?Or by the fact that, although you know their meaning, certain words such as wealth or luck have never characterized your life?Every day, I receive a lot of e-mails from people who, just like you, are desperate because their marriages are falling apart…Worse still, some of them tell me their partners left them.Others think that they cannot p[…]
Photo Magick Rituals

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