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To Students Who Can’t Cram Fast Enough:If you are like most people, studying feels like a necessary evil. Memorizing everything you need for exams can be downright overwhelming. While you may not enjoy it (especially when your friends are out partying) everyone knows that studying is vital to getting though school.What if I told you it’s possible to cut your study time in half, and remember anything you choose to in crystal clear detail? If you struggle to memorize and recall information and wish there was an easier way, keep reading…Sadly enough by the end of the day many people can’t remember what they had for breakfast.The cause for such a poor memory is common but often overlooked. In fact, it’s the number one reason most people have difficulty recalling the very things they struggle so hard to memorize.The problem with mainstream memorization tricks and gimmicks is they are a crutch that masks the REAL problem. The root cause runs much deeper, and when you use clever memorization tricks it takes MORE time and effort than if you train your mind to memorize effectively in the first place.Before continuing, we need to clear the air about some common misconceptions. Specifically, why certain memory techniques are adetriment to studying.Have you heard of mnemonics? The memory trick where the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet become ROYGBIV?Mnemonics may be fine for recalling simple things like the colors of the rainbow, but what about a list containing 10+ items that you have to come up with on the go?Mnemonics leave you memorizing more (often cryptic) information than when you first began.What about flash cards? The problem with flash cards is you are learning facts in isolation which leaves you with poor recall. And for many people they are boring and repetitive.If you feel stuck and lack a way to memorize a lot of information fast, you are not alone…How about memory palaces? Aside from the hours required to utilize this technique, you have to memorize and recall a huge number of details to make it work.If you can’t remember where you leave your keys, HOW ON EARTH are you going to remember which imaginary room you left each memory in?From our earliest childhood we have been taught memorization methods that are fundamentally flawed. Those methods are based on tricking our brain into remembering something rather than using it.That realization is what caused me to research and read countless books on memory training. Some were […]

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