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Finding Your Game and Playing Your GameGolf doesnt build character, it reveals it. In this section youll explore what youre truly made of.Youll master the art of setting goals the Golf Whispererway that propels you to achieve them using the Powerhouse Goal Achievement process. Start setting specific goals to take your game as far as it can go. This process will get you fully connected and committed to reaching all of your goal of shooting your personal best scoresChange your mind and change your game. Youll be coached on how to gain access to your peak states, your best memories and channel them into your game to shoot lower scores. This will lead into the full pre-shot routine section in later sections where youll link all of your excellence into your pre-shot routine and play on auto-pilot: the zone.Almost every golfer has experienced this nerve shattering, swing crippling problem. Finally there is a clear, simple process that will eliminate this from your game and have you walking calmly to the first tee. Focused, clear and relaxed with a sense of inner confidence just as if it was the 4th or 5th holeWhen was the last time you got nervous on the golf course? Did you play well? Was it fun!? Not likely. Nerves cripple most every golfers game.Have you ever experienced a slump? This is golf hell if you’ve ever been in one. These ailments will be a thing of the past…This section focuses on specific processes and exercises to eliminate these score crippling issues. Youll also explore what winning really means to you. How do you relate to winning and how does this relationship affect your performance? These powerful insights transform how you look at winning and give you the perspectives that encourage the very best from your game in the critical moments.Learn techniques to mentally prepare for your rounds and/or tournaments. Develop the skill of setting your own personal rhythm on the golf course and keep it. This is a key to consistency. If you plan to play the best you can and to shoot the lowest scores you can you must master these processes.This exercise literally dissolves your slumps. It will transform how you view slumps forever and, more importantly, end any slump you find yourself in. If you’re coming back from an injury confidence can be shot and this process will dissolve the inner conflicts around getting your game back and the confidence loss that can happen.This processputs your preshot routine on steroids! This technique is built around the p[…]
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