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My client Phil – tells a story about his ONE Commitment for 2017 to have more ‘Balance’ in his life. Phil’s life was way out of balance in 2016 and he needed a change. He was already successful in a leadership position with a major bank in risk, however, he was often working crazy hours. He had a lot of stress and his family was suffering. Major changes happened in his career in 2017. Through coaching and considering what he really needed with ‘balancing’ his life as well as applying success principle Phil had a major breakthrough. He pursued and was hired by a new organization with a significant pay increase. This position also had the leadership role that he wanted. Phil also had more time and was able to focus more energy on his family, travel and his passions with trading, rock climbing and martial arts. ‘Balance’ transformed Phil’s year.My client John chose to commit to ‘renovate’ because he was going through a major renovation on his home and in the same way he related ‘renovate’ personally because he wanted to renovate his heart and go through a spiritual transformation. John had significant successwith his home renovation. He focused on his Commitment while he reconnecting with himself, his love for Jesus and what mattered most to him. He had revelations and special memories that he shared with his children. ‘Renovate’ transformed John’s year.Another client Mimi chose to commit to ‘Faith’ as her ONE Commitment. Faith permeated her life as she let go and trusted more. She had major decisions with selling her property, moving from Australia to Canada, Getting a new career in Canada and trusting that she would be ok while traveling through Asia and Africa for months as a single woman. She sold her property for significantly more than she thought she would. Mimi got a great position in a role that waited for her to start after her travels. Mimi was also safe while she traveled and she had an awesome adventure. ‘Faith’ transformed Mimi’s year.[…]
Your ONE Commitment is a way to make a real change in your life this year. Wanting to change and improve is an expression of self-love and self-acceptance.

Forget Your New Years Resolutions! Get The Consistent And Transformational Results In 2019 With One Commitment! Led By Scott Epp (founder Of Abundance Coaching) – You Will Discover Your Potential As You Chose One Right Word/theme To Commit To This Year.

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