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OPEN G GUITAR for BEGINNERS – start playing within minutes – easy guitar training – digital video training by Mike Malak

HERE’S THE SECRET AND AMAZING POWER OF THE "OPEN G GUITAR TUNING" – that allows even TOTAL BEGINNERS to start playing in a few moments, without having to learn painful chords:When you tune your guitar to what is called "open G tuning" – and I will show you how to do that step by step right at the beginning of my digital video course – then you will be able to play major chords INSTANTLY, with only ONE FINGER! It literally only takes a couple of minutes! Watch my video above and you will see for yourself just HOW EASY PLAYING THE GUITAR CAN BE!Now, this sounds amazing, but it’s as simple as that! I have been playing the guitar for almost 50 years, and most of my life I have used regular tuned guitars (what is called "standard E tuning"), just like probably 90% of all guitar players. As just about every beginner, back in the day, I had to learn all the "chord shapes" (or "finger shapes"), that is how and where to put the fingers of the left hand on the strings in order to get nice sounding chords. These are necessary if one wants to play the guitar. But it takes soooo long to learn and practice these chords, right? And it hurts the fingers, too, at least until you develop callouses on your left fingers. If you already tried to play the guitar, maybe even took a few lessons, you most probably already know what I’m talking about. It just takes too long.I have been playing the guitar in bands back on high school, I have started to compose own songs about 40 years ago, and I have performed songs – both covers and my own music – and recorded music for all these years now. I have over 1600 music videos on Youtube alone. You can also listen to my original music on –> Reverbnation.And over all these years, many friends approached me many, many times asking "Mike, can you teach me some chords?". And I did.Well, I tried… but most of them gave up playing quickly simply because it is hard work, learning chords and practicing them over and over, many weeks, and even months. So people asked me: "Hey, isn’t there a simpler and faster way to learn how to play chords?".Open G tuning is a special way to tune the strings of the guitar. There are many other ways to tune the guitar, and famous guitar players such as Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) or Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) have been doing this for many decades. Tuning a regular guitar (which usually is tuned in "standard E" tuning) to Op[…]
OPEN G GUITAR for BEGINNERS – start playing within minutes – easy guitar training – digital video training by Mike Malak

Open G Guitar. Learn to play the guitar the easy way. Play the guitar with one finger, within minutes you can play.

Anyone Can Start Playing The Guitar In Under 1 Hour. This Course Is A Great Product For The Growing Market Of Clients Over 40 Who Want To Start A New Hobby. Great Commission Of 65%, Large Target Group, Possible Clients Of All Walks Of Life And Background.

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