Options Trading For Massive Gains

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1 Covered Calls Losing Our Fear of the Options MonsterHere you will learn how options are not to be feared, but rather embraced; as the great the great wealth building tool that they are.2 The Four Types of Covered Calls ExplainedMany traders and investors are familiar with the commonly used "out of the money covered call", however there are other, little known types of covered call trades used (quietly) ) by large financial institutions, and successful hedge fund managers.Technical analysis can often become overly …. well, technical. With more possible chart combinations and set-ups available, then what could possibly be learned or properly utilized. Here you will receive all you will need to know on how to successfully, and simply, use technical analysis in your trading.4 How to Choose the Proper StocksObviously, one of the most important aspects of any trading successful trading and investing system. Not so obvious; how to properly do it. Nowhere in the trade cycle, do investors make such critical mistakes as they do with improper stock selection. This section will teach you how to perform what is widely considered the most important part of a successful trade.5 Putting It All Together Making Trades With The S.F.R. SystemA system is a series of steps taken in a predetermined order that ends in a predetermined outcome. Here you will learn each step of the Stocks for Rent trading system from start to finish. From determining the underlying security, to exiting the trade in a profitable position. It’s all here, step by step.6 The Stocks For Rent Check ListThere’s a reason that some of the most highly regarded professions; such as airline pilots, doctors etc. use check lists; it helps result in a successful outcome of the procedure at hand. The Stocks For Rent check list will help you do the same. 7 Managing Positions That Dont Expire In The MoneyEvery trading system known to man will have some trades that do not go exactly as planned. Although, most don’t teach you how to deal with them in a proper and profitable manner; we do.A good watch list can save you tons of time; learn how to quickly construct one that does just that.9 How to Make Money on Long Term Under Performing StocksEveryone has their own "Dogs of the Dow" in their portfolios. In this section you will learn how to turn those stocks that "you don’t really want to talk about" into profitable trades, using covered calls and the Stocks For Rent trading system.10 H[…]

Options Trading For Massive Gains – Stocks For Rent Covered Call Trading System Simple – Field Tested – Trading Strategies – Proven To Produce Annual Returns Of 30% – 50% Using Covered Call Options.

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