Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certification

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Basic Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certification Course

Earn The Certification That Adds Value To Your Services As A Hypnotist Coach Or Communicator With This 100% Online Self-Guided Course Gain access to the techniques once considered improbable by the medical industry that are now a cornerstone of therapeutic practice designed to elicit powerful life altering emotions and experiences in patients… Uncover the complexity of the human mind and learn to utilize hypnosis to unlock a mental state capable of bringing about powerful past life experiences that will allow your subjects to experience new levels of self-understanding… Learn the effective strategies necessary to guide individuals through past life regression visualizations and awareness while in trance state while asking the right questions and maintaining a safe therapeutic environment… Add this technique to your existing work, either in-person or online, to create a lasting foundation of change for your clients and develop a full approach to hypnosis that fosters lasting results… Gain a skill that’s CONSTANTLY in demand and a vital asset to any therapeutic program. This 100% online certification is an excellent choice for life coaches, therapeutic mentors, beginning and advanced hypnotists, and psychologists working in therapeutic settings… This Powerful Therapeutic Component Helps You And Your Clients Embrace Past Life Experiences And Elicit Change More Powerfully Than Ever Before! The American Alliance of Hypnotists is excited to announce that Dr. Steve G. Jones has developed one of the world’s first 100% virtual Past Life Regression (PLR) certification courses for new and beginner PLR practitioners. Take this 100% online, self-paced, and self-guided course to unlock the benefits of Past Life Regression in hypnotic practice and apply the proven principles Dr. Jones has continually learned, developed, and practice to add value to your understanding of PLR, or to provide your clients with a valuable life-altering therapeutic experience that is increasingly in demand. Certification from the American Alliance of Hypnotists is recognized worldwide and when you register for the complete online course today, you’ll receive lifetime support from Dr. Steve G. Jones and his team. Help Others Access Their Past Lives And Discover The Correct Practice Of A Unique, Transformative Practice Instructor: Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Trainer, ALA Board Of Directors Member, American Board of Hypnotherapy Member, National Guild o[…]
Basic Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certification Course

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certification By Dr. Steve G. Jones.

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