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Jerry Weintraub went on to be Elvis personal manager for many years after.BUT HOW ON EARTH DID HE RAISE THAT MONEY?!Well lets get into what exactly this SECRET formula is..The unshakable DESIRE for that one thing you NEED in your life.The one thing that when you think about it your blood stirs into action.The Desire to get this part of your life handled.Without this absolute Desire, you would quit as soon as the going got toughThis is more than a simple want.This is the ONE thing that you cannot picture being truly fulfilled in life if you were to not get itWhat is the thing you desire right now? The perfect 10 as your girlfriend? Financial freedom? A buzzing social life?However, anybody can have DesireWhat most guys lack is the next thing Vision.When you have this ROCK-SOLID desire to achieve your one goal your purpose. You MUST be able to Visualize it.To get what you want you must be able to SEE it in your head.If you fail to Visualize EXACTLY what it is you want, in great detail, then you are literally like a blind man who wants to drive across the countryAnd lastly you must give yourself the Permission to go out and ruthlessly attain your desires.The Permission to become the kind of guy you need to be to achieve your vision.The Permission to be the person who is Magnetic to all the opportunities and women he wants.95% of people in todays world forget the last 2-steps.Without these 2 vital steps, those guys lack the actual BELIEF that they can.Instead of playing to win, they play not-to-lose. What a terrible existence that is.When faced with adversity, they dont have the courage to keep going.
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