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DIY Enlargement

I am a Real GuyandThis is a True Story Hello, Friend. Thanks for stopping by. I think youll be glad you did! My names Dave and Ive got a SECRET that Im dying to share! Its a REVOLUTIONARY NEW "HACK" that I discovered entirely by accident, and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! But before I tell you about that, I need to chat with you for just a few minutes, just to give you a little background so you can understand where Im coming from and how I got here. HISTORY: To start with I like to think of myself as just your average, run-of-the-mill guy. I grew up in southern suburbia, graduated from public High School, did some time in the military, and later specialized in construction. As a kid growing up in Georgia I ran with the boys, chased after the girls, partied with a cool crowd and never really gave any real thought to the actual SIZE of my penis. But, lets face it, Im a really skinny guy, always have been. No matter how much I eat, no matter how much I work out, Ive just never been able to gain any real mass. Of course Ive always been self-conscious about this but over the years Ive reluctantly learned to simply accept it as just one of the many obstacles life throws at us that must somehow be overcome. So, underneath all the average stuff theres a HUGE underlying problem; the OTHER secret that Ive never wanted to share with anyone, until now! Because of what Ive discovered, which is the SECRET THAT IM DYING TO SHARE, I have no problem at all with sharing the other SECRET THAT IVE BEEN RUNNING FROM ALL MY LIFE. ARMAGEDDON: Have you ever heard the phrase like throwing a hot dog down a hallway? Well, I HAVE, and it strikes a sour chord with me every time I hear it. Why? Because it hits too close to home. Being skinny is bad enough, but even worse is the way it translates to my penis size. Obviously, no part of me was spared from the skinny curse! As a result, despite being an average guy with a Normal youth, my life took a dreadful turn when I was just 16 years old. I was attending High School and a girl I was pursuing finally asked me to show her THE GOODS. I was elated! I thought to myself this is it, finally! And, without hesitation I unzipped my pants and presented myself to the girl that I thought was about to be my very first conquest! That was the moment that changed my life. With eyes dripping lust, she leaned forward for a closer look, and then she burst out laughing and walked away, forever! […]
DIY Enlargement


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