Perfect Success Method

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All of this sounds great on paper, butwhat happens when someone actually tries to put it into practice?Even though I loved the logical approach and everything about it, I still had my doubts about how effective it might be for someone stuck in a frustrating eating cycle.My concerns were turned aside when I saw how it worked in a very close friend of mine.Laurenhad chosen the perfect diet plan.Shehad followed it exactly as she was supposed to for 9 days in a row, and thought she was on the path to a healthy life. But, on Day 9, she gave in just a little bit to a dessert that was offered to her by a generous host at a dinner party she attended.Everything snowballed from there.Since she had already eaten something that wasn’t part of her diet, Lauren stopped at the grocery store for some ice cream that night, and ate the whole carton when she got home.Feeling terrible physically and emotionally, she ate poorly the next day too, and never got back on the program after that. All her success was wasted!Feeling like a complete failure, she continued with her bad eating habits for a few weeks, and then started another diet plan. The reviews were excellent, and the science behind it looked really sound. This one seemed as it it were bound to work!She made it only 6 days this time, when the temptation was some food she was baking for her family. The snowball began again, and the ever-frustrating cycle continued.Lauren also has 6 children, so any time and energy she spends on a diet plan is precious. She spends hours researching which plan will work best for her, so she doesn’t undertake a plan lightly.She didn’t know what to try next.We had some very interesting conversations about good eating in the following days and weeks. Trying this plan and then that one certainly wasn’t getting accomplishing anything, so there had to be some other solution. It occurred to me that she had never developed the skill of following through on a diet plan.By the way, neither had I.We realized that instead of TRYING to stick to diet plans, we both needed to LEARN HOW to stick to a diet plan.That is an entirely different skill, and is not usually even considered when people start their diets. Neither of us had never even tried to develop the skill of sticking to a plan!It was then that I decided to focus on what it takes to develop the skill of how to stick to a plan instead of the plan itself. After spending hours exploring both good eating AND how to develop skills, the PERFECT SUCC[…]
A Step-by-step Approach To Learning How To Follow An Eating Plan. Diets Are Great, But First You Need To Be Able To Follow One!

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